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Thread: Spray Tanning?

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    Default Spray Tanning?

    We are considering going the spray tan route instead of tanning beds. Would appreciate any experiences anyone has had with this. Thanks!

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    I've done both the "booth" spray tan and also an airbrush tan. While both are good, the airbrush tan was SOOOOO much better and lasted SO much longer. And it was only $5 more. ($25).
    After a bout with melanoma last year, I am off tanning beds permanently, and the spray tan makes a great compromise so I don't quite "glow in the dark" when I arrive at Couples. LOL.
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    We also were going to go that route, but after asking a lot of people I found out that they can be blotchy. My neice owns a salon and they do the spray on tan, but she told me that the fake bake stuff that they sell is so much better.

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    I usually get a base tan with tanning beds prior so I don't burn. You wouldn't get that with the spray tan. If you go the spray tan route, don't go cheap. You get what you pay for. And EXFOLIATE your entire body a lot beforehand or you will be blotchy. I think spray tans are obvious and tacky looking most times. I'm also a believer in sunblock, so it's hard for me to recommend a tanning bed. Vacation prep is the ONLY time I use a tanning bed, otherwise I sunblock sunblock sunblock. The sun seems so much stronger in the tropics so if I don't have a little bit of base tan I'm apt to burn since I'm usually too tipsy to re-apply often :-)

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    I did this once before going to the Bahamas. If you plan on being in the water alot, especially pool & jacuzzis, I wouldn't waste any money on it. For me it only lasted a day because we were constantly in the water. Also, because of the high risk associated with tannings beds, for the last couple of years, I have been using progressive tanning lotions for 2 weeks prior to departure that are non-expensive (Oil of Olay, L'Oreal). It gives a nice glow without orange streaking until I get a sunkissed tan using lots of sunscreens.

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    Spray tanning is only for color, it does not give you any base protection for when you are in the real sun. I always
    use a tanning bed a few times before going on any warm weather trip. I live in Wisconsin and we have not had
    tanable weather here for many months.

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    Spray tanning does nothing to protect you from the sun, it just gives you instant color. I'm not sure how long spray tans last once you start spreading sunscreen on yourself and swimming in the ocean or a pool.

    for me, I understand the risks of tanning beds (ie. increased exposure to UV rays)... spray tans I worry about what compounds are being absorbed into my skin and are being inhaled into my nosrtils, mouth, throat and lungs. I don't think spray tans have been around long enough for us to really know what the consequences are.

    I would suggest tanning beds. Go 6 - 10 times for the shortest time allowed in the tanning bed over 4 - 5 weeks. It should build a good enough base that you won't be completely pale when you arrive at couples and will give you a little added protection from the sun.

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    Ok, novel ahead.

    I used to use tanning beds daily in highschool, and basically from age 15-20 I was using them at least a couple times a week, and now at 24, I have vowed to never use them again as much as I would like to. The risk of skin cancer is just too much and too scary. I've had it removed twice at 17 and 19. Now I live in south FL, so I pretty much always have a base, but have started to use sunscreen. I finally grew out of that immature, I have to be tan all the time thing, when I realized I will be getting wrinkles from it etc.

    Spray tanning is my savior. It's a lot more work and upkeep, and more expensive, but for the peace of mind, it's worth it. I use it at home too. In my area, there was actually just a groupon for 5 Versa Spray tans for $45, instead of $150, so I snagged that up for the wedding/honeymoon etc. Keep an eye out for deals like that. And like said above, exfoliate and moisturize, and wear sunscreen when you get to your trip! That's what I like about already having a color from the spray, I can wear sunscreen to protect myself but still look tan. I usually bring my own self tanner for nighttime to touch up too, at least in the beginning until I actually get tanner and even out with the spray.

    The other bit of advice I can't stress enough is make sure you go with a shade close to your skintone, at least in the beginning. At home lotions/sprays usually have levels, so if you are super pale, don't try to use the deep dark/level 3 etc... or you will look orange. I have olivey tan skin, so I use that fine, but it can be disastrous and look super fake if you don't work with your own skin tone. Versa Spa has levels as well, and any good tech will recommend for you what level to use. I will say though, that most salons will recommend a "cocktail", meaning you spray, and then use a stand up UV booth to dry it and set your spray, but you have to come out before you start sweating, and no showering/excercising for at least 6-8 hours. I usually spray a little while before bed, then just sleep on it and shower in the morning.

    There's a bunch of different options for spray tans as well, Mystic was the old version, now they have Versa Spa, or for a little bit more you can get contoured and airbrushed by a technician. I like to spray in the nude so there are no tan lines, so I don't think I'll ever do the airbrushing lol.

    Good luck, let us know what you decide!
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    I am a natural blue eye blond with very pale skin and I can burn sitting under a tree!!

    There are tanning beds called "Ultra Bronze" that I love. You get an instant color from these beds and you do not burn! Somehow they filter out the rays that burn, so you can do 10 minutes on each side and come out with a nice base tan in only a few minutes.

    We usually do 3 sessions in 7-10 days then I will finish up with one or two spray on sessions a few days before departure.

    What I have learned is to stay away from the pools for the first few days. The first time I did a spray on we headed to Jamaica the next day. The day after that I jumped into the pool, when I got out I noticed streaks on my legs. They were not really bad but I noticed them. I guess the chemicals in the pool caused the "tan" to run.

    Now I stick to the ocean for the first few days

    Have fun tanning which ever way you go

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    Default Spray tanning a waste of money if your going into the water

    Spray tans will not hold up to how much you are in the water in Ja. I am very blond and very p[ale and I use a baseball hat when floating, a scuba or heat gear long sleeved shirt when swimming or snorkeling and I try not to use sunscreen only on my face because we know that SUNSCREEN KILLS CORAL no matter what even, if you put it on early in the day. We were the palest people at CTI and we did not care

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    I've always used tanning beds to get a base tan. I haven't tried the spray tans but from what I've read, there is a chemical that causes the pigment to darken over time. I had assumed before reading this that it was basically just like painting a darker shade on someone and there wasn't any actual tanning that was done. But it seems like there is a reaction that causes the skin to start to tan. Would this be similar to tanning beds as far as the tanning process goes?
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    With all the info out there on tanning beds I can't believe people would still want to take that risk just so they don't look so white when they first go to the beach. Spray Tanning contains DHA, if that is what people are concerned about...but (AS of right now) there is no known toxicity with DHA. Best bet would be self-tanning lotions. Safety wise, these are probably the best if you need to go that route. As far as Spray Tanning looking fake...tanning beds ALWAYS look fake. You get that white tell-tale triangle under your arm and if you are playing it safe you get the white eyes. Oh, and then some people get that under the butt white stripe. I seriously don't understand why people need to be tan before they go off to a tropical island to get tan. Isn't it the point..."ahhh, you've been on vacation!" When people tan before it's like, "Oh, you went somewhere, didn't notice since you were tanning before anyway." And for people worrying about burning...they do make sunblock for that. Benefits for tanning beds: wrinkles and skin cancer.

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    I have always perfered putting about 200, or so, tea bags in the bathroom tbu and reading the Sunday paper. I always get such a great glow! The head has always been a bit of an issue though.

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    I use Jergens Natural Glow to get rid of the pasty looking skin before going to FL. We go to Jamaica in the summer and by then I have a tan. I still load up on sunscreen. It is killing me this year not going to the tanning beds before FL (first week of April), but the risk is just not worth it, nor the wrinkles.

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    I'm too scared to use tanning beds anymore (used them in the past and LOVED them). I work in an oncologist's office and I see what tanning beds do to people, and it's scary... very scary. I see what they have to go through, and it's just not worth it. Even going to get a "base tan" is dangerous. ANY kind of tan means you are damaging your skin. Especially from a tanning bed. Telling people they need a base tan before going on vacation is nothing more than a marketing ploy by the tanning bed companies.
    I started using Fake Bake self-tanner. The tan that results doesn't streak and looks completely natural. Not orangey at all. It doesn't offer any protection from the sun (neither does a base tan, FYI, it's only pre-damaging your skin), so you still need to use sunscreen. I only use it because I'm super pale and don't want to blind anyone on the beach :-) You can get Fake Bake on Amazon relatively cheap.

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    This is such a great thread. I recently just gave up tanning beds due to the dangers and am looking for a good alternative to give my body a tad of color before I get a day or two in the Jamaican sunshine.

    Has anyone tried the Aveeno or Clarins self tanning lotions?

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    This IS a really good thread. We recently just came home from Couples, and I love how I look with some color, but as everyone is saying, the tanning beds and even just plain laying outdoors is getting scarier. There was just a special on ABC world news last night about the increase of melanoma. I've been wondering whether to a) try the spray booth, b) try the air brush, c) try the self tanners. Clarins seems to be highly reviewed - has anyone tried it, specifically, on their face?

    I dont really care for the air brush option, even though I understand it to be better, but I dont want to have a Ross on Friends incident in the booth either. I think I might try it on Good Friday. That way, if it looks too ridiculous, it will at least be faded a bit by the time I go back to work on Monday.

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    A "base tan" provides an SPF of all of 6. Not worth it. Just use sunscreen, be safe, and have a blast!

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