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Thread: css beds??

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    Default css beds??

    I really can't wait until we go to css in jan. I've been reading this message board and trip advisor several times a week...recently css has gotten bad reviews on trip advisor which i'm willing to overlook..however the last review said the beds are just 2 twins pushed i'm fine with the boxspring being to twins (that's what we have at home) but please tell me the top mattress is one full king???

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    Ours was.

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    Ours was one mattress I should have said. Sorry. I knew what I meant!!!!

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    Yes, it is! We all have to STOP reading Trip just can't trust their postings anymore!!

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    They are regular King Beds. The mattress is one piece. Don't worry about it a bit.

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    Yes, it is a king size bed. It is not 2 twins pushed together.

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    All of our 3 trips we have had a King mattress. We're scheduled for trip #4 in a few days!

    One love!

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    We had a king back in 2008 in c-3

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    Three trips in a row to CSS and we always had a king bed as well.

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    We just got back from CSS, king size bed one mattress and it was great.

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