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    Default Some questions about CSA/CN spa comparisons and private dinners at the beach

    We'll be doing a split this coming April.... 5 days at CN and then 7 days at CSA.We are repeaters and booked our vacation when the early booking promo was in effect, so we will have lots and lots of resort credits to enjoy. We are planning to use some credits for a private dinner, and of course spa treatments. So my question to those who have been to both resorts , which spa is the one we don't want to miss and where is the private dinner a must do! We have been to CN before but did not use the spa, nor have a private dinner. This will be our first time to CSA, so we are newbies over there. What a thrill!!! Thanks in advance for some input......can't wait to get back home!!

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    The spa at CSA is unparalleled and without equal. I would call the beach dinners a coin-flip. You'll win either way!

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    I haave never been to CSA so can't comment on their spa or dinner experience but here's my 2cents....I don't think CSA has a treehouse and we did the private dinner in the treehouse.That was absolutely fabulous. I never felt so pampered with service! Can you do a massage at both resorts? The massage in the treehouse is also very good....I never get a massage anywhere else but a massage in the treeehouse is a must-do for me.

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    We have had massages at both places and would agree that the spa at CSA is much better, but I enjoyed the treehouse massage at CN more because you are on the beach and can hear the waves. I have never done the private dinner, but would vote for CN for this as well as I think it is just a more intimate beach - at CSA there would often seem like there were 6 or 7 different setups for these dinners on the beach vs. only two or three at CSA. Granted the spacing was probably the same and it is just a function of a longer beach at CSA, but I still would favor CN.

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    We've been to all four resorts, and CN is our favorite, but I think the spa at CSA, which is newer, is nicer. There are locker rooms with showers, and there is a relaxation pool (basically a long, rectangular hot tub). After our massages, we put on our swimsuits, quickly showered at the outdoor shower to remove the massage oils, and then grabbed a couple of Red Stripes from the sports bar and spent some time in the relaxation pool. Very nice.
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    Just got back from a CN CSA split. CSA spa is nicer. Hot tub before or after massage. Beach dinner would be nice either place. Ocean view room at CSA was worth the price.

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