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    Default CSA Wi-Fi / 3G for Ipad

    Hello everyone out there in Couples Land

    Can anyone tell me how the Wi-Fi is in the Atrium Suites or if 3G works at CSA. I am very excited to stay in an Atrium room but want the option to watch something. We have an ipad and want the ability to stream Netflix. Has anyone tried this, either Wi-Fi or 3G (Verizon) while in an Atrium room

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    Netflix will not work. I would turn it to wifi only and not 3G. Using 3G in Jamaica will cost like $40/mb.

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    We just got back and found that the wi-fi was very iffy in our atrium suite. I'd suggest not counting on it working and being pleasantly suprised if it does.

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    I can't speak to the Wifi signal strength in the Atrium rooms because we always stay in an Ocean Verandah Suite. However, you shouldn't count on 3G. International data is very expensive (you don't get to use your home data plan for it) and streaming is a data hog. For example, streaming 1 30-minute TV show from Netflix will use between 100MB and 150MB of data. Verizon charges $75 for 150MB of international data. And that's even if you can get a CDMA signal at Couples...I have AT&T so I don't know about the reception for Verizon.

    For that money you are better off loading your iPad up with movies, then you won't have to worry about the signal in your room. You can rent movies from iTunes, for example, and it's cheaper than buying them outright.

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    Netflix, Hulu, and HBO go will not work on IP Addresses outside the US. (I am assuming you are from the US!) This is due to the intellectual property licensing and US laws. You can download movies or TV episodes from itunes before you go. I caught up on a whole season of Dexter when I was there. I did not try to buy anything from iTunes when I was actually in Jamaica so I don't know if that works. My wife was able to buy books on her nook though.

    Using 3G (or any other cellular data) in Jamaica will make you very sad and your bank account much lighter.

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    I think my best bet is renting from ituns before we go. It sounds like the least expensive way to go. we probably won't need it, but i want to have it as a back up just in case. I am so excited about this trip. June 2012 will not come soon enough.

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    We got a slingbox adapter so that we could watch our home tv (both live & dvr recordings) in the room over wi-fi. Highly recommend this is option.

    That being said...the wi-fi in our Atrium room was awful and we were right next to the lobby so I would have expected it to be great. Wi-fi in the lobby & sports complex were great and one person we spoke to said her garden verandah room reception was great. Last year our ocean verandah room had excellent reception also. It kept disconnecting...sometimes after an hour and then you could reconnect right away...sometimes it would disconnect every 5 minutes and then stop letting you reconnect.

    Also, you need to request the internet wi-fi code at check-in...we've never had it offered to us without us requesting it.

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