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    I'm there any benefit/risk to booking either way? I have found a site that offers the resort/dates/room I want for a few hundred cheaper than what I am quoted on the Couples website....what do the majority of you do? And what is the risk of booking with someone outside? I've heard air being delayed and having no recourse and by the time you land you've lost a day at the resort...I could always book my own air...but other than that, is there a risk? I just don't know if it's worth saving the $200 to book with this outside agency. I just get nervous and want to make sure everything is fine when I get to the resort! Thank you!

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    The method by which you book it totally up to you. That said, understand that Couples' will match any legitimate price...

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    I have found some cheaper rates myself, but then when I throw in "their cost" of trip insurance, handling and other charges it works out to pretty close the same amount. I always book room direct with "Couples" and figure that the $100 or 200 I might have saved, was worth supporting my favorite place and economy. I also understand that a couple of hundred dollars means a lot to some and I in no way begrudge them the savings because it truly is up to the individual how they book, and Couples does has the price matching guarantee.
    Sadly, the thing that I see becoming more of an issue then the cost of staying at the resort, is the cost of flying. My air fare has doubled over the 4 years I have been going to CN for the exact same flights every year.

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    Randymon, thanks for that answer. I had gotten a good price last year at Couples then found a better price and contacted Couples and they DID match. What a great deal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post

    The method by which you book it totally up to you. That said, understand that Couples' will match any legitimate price...
    I did not know that. Nice to know.
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    I booked on a website that was a few hundred dollars cheaper then Couples but NEVER knew Couples would match any legitimate price????? hmmmmmmmmm If I would have known that I would have just booked thru Couples!!! Thanks for the info Randymon....always nice to know!!!!

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    Default use agent!

    In addition to pricing aspects there is (usually) a level of customer service that accompanies using a travel agent.

    I have not run into any concerns with my booking at Couples however I know that if I did- my agent would be there to do the leg work to resolve my concern. Leaving me to worry about important things like finding the perfect sarong to accompany my new bathing suit!

    Enjoy and use the $200 you save to have an extra spa treatment ;-)

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    Randy - Will you guys match resort+flight totals? I thought it was just the hotel price....
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    Personally I always us a Travel Agent. WHY? Because if something goes wrong you have someone who can advocate for you.

    The one time I booked directly with a resort it was a nightmare. The night before departure when confirming our flights, somehow we had been double booked. They were going to cancel BOTH of the bookings thus leaving us with no way to get to our destination. Since it was 9PM there was no one available at the 800 number thru which we booked.

    Luckily, after 2 hours, I was able to get in contact with a supervisor at the airline. She agreed to cancel one of the flights as long as I agreed that we may have to PAY FOR BOTH and then deal with the company who messed it up in the first place.

    Another time when we went to a "Windy" resort we had such a problem upon arrival that the resort refunded our entire land portion within 2 hours of being on property. We got the refund guarantee in writing but it still took our travel agent over 45 days to get them to actually refund the money. I am not sure we would have actually received the refund if it would not have been for our Travel Agent.

    This past June when we booked our trip for The "J" resort & CTI through a Travel Agent the wholesaler she used had my husbands name incorrect on the tickets for the airline. Instead of ME having to deal with it all I had to do was call the TA and SHE handled it!

    You do not pay for the services of a travel agent, usually and most will price match any internet price. Do your research, ask friends & family for a referral for a trusted TA and use one. It is a great way to support your local economy as well.

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    great Randy! thank you for that info!!!! Do I submit my quote to Couples when booking? I'd MUCH rather go through Couples!!!

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    I get the best deal when I book with a travel website in the package deal- hotel and air together. They give me a price of about $500 cheaper. I have done this eight times without problems.

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    When I book, I use a travel agent. That way if I encounter any problems, they can help. I've never had any with the resort. Flights? Yes. But not the resort.


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    Thanks for answering the question randymon. We would like to book through another site, mainly because we would like to depart from our hometown airport in South Bend, IN and not have to drive to Chicago or Indianapolis. South Bend is not listed on Couples departure city list. How can we make this work?

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