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    Default Don't be hate-en mon but...

    I was the Grand Prize Winner in the Chris Demontague "Missing You" Sweepstakes!!
    We are heading to CSA SUNDAY 12/11/2011 for 7 nights!! (We upgraded to an Atrium and paid for an
    extra night).
    WE are also on the Love Away Plan for 8 nights in July, the 5th-13th 2012 at CSA.
    Can't wait to meet anyone that will be there 12/11-12/18 or in July 5th-13th!!
    You will know who we are from a mile away, just look for the two grinning, blithering idiots...who
    got really, really, lucky!

    I have to thank Gary Bernstein , Cirocco, and that sweet wonderfull Yogi, (who put up with a thousand
    and one emails and phone calls from me ) at Oceanic Tradewinds for having this sweepstakes and putting
    up with all my questions.

    One more day...can't believe it's finally here.

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    Not hate-en, but JEALOUS AS HELL!!! Congrats! You're gonna have a blast!!!

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    That is awesome! Congrats and how could anybody hate your good fortune? (at least those of us who have never met you, LOL) Have a great time and keep grinning!

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