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    Default Super Bowl 2012 at Sans Souci??????

    Does anyone know if Sans Souci does a Super Bowl Party of any type?

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    we were at CTI two years ago for superbowl weekend, they did a great job having a big party, favors, junk food, drinks (of course) and lots of TV's if your in need to follow the game.
    so i have to imagine all the resorts do the same.
    No worries, right!

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    Yes they do. We were there last year for Super bowl. Just make sure you bring you're ear plugs, it can get loud with all the noise makers. have a great time. We will be at CTI to watch the PACKERS win again!

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    Yes, they do! We were at CSS for super bowl 3 yrs ago and they had the game projected in one of the reception rooms. They had several kinds of finger foods served and you did have to stop at the beach bar for your beverages on the way there. We had a fine time and there was lots of cheering for both teams. We ordered room service for our private after party. Have a great time!

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    We were there last year and CSS had a Super Superbowl party in the meeting room next to Pallazina. They did a great job with the decorations, finger food and the staff created a great party atmosphere. Yes, there will be noise makers!

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    We'll be at CTI with you watching the 49er's winning LOL.
    See you there. we're arriving on the 27th, leaving Monday the day after the superbowl.
    Scott and Jen

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