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    Has anyone been to CN lately? We are repeaters and just booked a trip back in April. I haven't been able to
    Contact Elkie or Franklin and want to make sure they are both still there. Several of our past favorites Have
    Moved on and we would be very disappointed if they did. Thanks for any info!

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    Can not comment on Elkie but Franklyn is fine, communicate with him regularly.

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    Elkie left on maternity leave on Sept. 19 and was rumored to be returning at the beginning of this year. There is a thread seeking confirmation here:

    Oxbgirl (edit - actually it was Leoconnor, Oxbgirl inquired about Elkie in the above thread) posted that she saw Franklyn (along with Camille, Tanesha, Lyndon (sic) and others) at the end of December:
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    We are sitting on the beach as I type this and can tell you Franklin is here!! Wow is he the life of the party at the pool bar!!

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    We left CN 12/23/11 and Franklyn(his spelling) was working in the front lobby still , nice and helpful person. We did not remember meeting Elke though...

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    Was just there over Christmas .... Elkie was still on maternity leave but should be back any day ..... Sometime the first part of January. Not sure which Franklin you're referring to but they're both there .... Franklyn (with a Y) the bartender & Franklin (with an I) that welcomes you & takes care of your luggage are both there with those huge smiles waiting to make your vacation special.

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