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    Default Hello from some Newbies

    I didnt see a Newb section, so I thought Id say hello here
    Ive been perusing the boards for the past week or so and I must say Im glad I did! You guys have all given such wonderful information and positive reviews! It helped in deciding to take our trip

    We are going to CTI in March 2010 this will be our first trip. Hope to see some of you there!
    Im so excited its ridiculous
    Brian and Ginny
    Newbies.... March 5 - 12 2010 CTI

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    You will have a great time! CTI is wonderful....and the staff is the friendliest I've ever met can tell they love their jobs. =)

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    I am a newbi too, although I have been following the posts and asking a few questions. Our first trip is Nov 14-21.

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    Welcome Ginny,

    Are you ready to become a Couples addict??? This board is addicting, Jamaica is addicting, and Couples, well you are about to become a Couplesholic!!!!

    Welcome to the family!!!!!!!!


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    Welcome to the message board and to the wonderful world of Couples. CTI is our favorite, you will love it!!!

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    Welcome to the family of Coupleholics.

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    Briandgin, welcome to the Couples Family! Everyone on here is great! They've helped me a lot with different things and are just wonderful!
    We'll be @ TI, for the 2nd time, in March, as well. (the 28th- Apr. 4th) Will you be there @ the same time?

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    Yes indeed,welcome to your new family..Your new family of Couples.
    I truly believe you will love CTI..Peggy and I had a wonderful trip there this past April.
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    We are newbies too and planning on going to CN in November. This board is SO addicting and just makes me want to speed up time. Looking forward to our first Couples experience and hopefully one of many times to vist. This board provides me with priceless information though about what goes on at the resorts. Thanks to all of you who have been there and share your wisdom and ideas with those of us who are new to Couples. It's no wonder there are so many repeaters, because so many of you hook us before we ever get there! Says a lot that there are so many that are dedicated to sharing their experience.

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    Welcome to you all, we were all newbies once!!!!!!!! We all had the same questions and concerns.

    No worries folks it's all Irie... (it's all good) in JA!!!!

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    Pink elephants???

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    I'm a newbie, also- first post, figured this was a good thread to jump in!

    My wife and I spent our honeymoon at CN in June 2000, and we just booked to go back for our 10 year anniversary in June 2010. We debated trying one of the others, but decided to go back to Negril since we have such good, but now distant, memories.

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    Marie -- you nailed it! People don't understand why we love Jamaica so much. They've mastered the all inclusive...especially Couples. We've been Couplesaholics for 2 years now. We LOVE CSS, but are getting married at CTI in November...thanks to all those other Coupleaholics we met at CSS last September, when we got engaged. Fun bunch!

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    My wife and i are newbies and have decided to go to CTI November 14-20. We are very excited and cant wait for the 80 more days to go by.

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    Yep once the Couples bug bites ya, it's all over!


    You are at a good number in your countdown, just wait until you hit single digits, then it is time for the single digit


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    Yeah for all the Newbies. You are gonna love Jamaica and love Couples. It will be truly relaxing and romantic. You chose the right resorts. Enjoy!

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    I'm also a newbie (to the msg boards and CN). My fiance and I are planning our weddingmoon to CN for January 3-10, 2010. We just booked last week! We have at least 3 other couples going with us for the first part of the week. We are both getting pretty excited and reading these message boards makes it worse. I decided to give in and join the boards. (I'm sure I'll be asking for some advice between now and January.)

    130 Days To Go!!!


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    We will be making our first visit to a Couples Resort. CTI JULY 2010!

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    Thanks for the Welcomes
    I grabbed on of those countdown things from a post here...Im already eyeballing every few minutes and its still 190 days away LOL! I totally get the addiction too, Im thinking about trying one of the other ones for next time They all look great for different reasons.
    Brian and Ginny
    Newbies.... March 5 - 12 2010 CTI

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