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    Default ~*CN Sunset Bar Shuttle*~

    Can I get some input on the CN Sunset bar? We get to CN on a monday around 2 or 3 and was wondering if it was worth hurrying and getting ready to go on this trip? Thanks

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    This thread should answer most questions on the Sunset Shuttle.

    We probably wouldn't rush, assuming we could go one of the other 2 times it is offered if we really wanted to go.

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    We just did this a couple weeks ago and it was well worth it. The shuttle takes you to Pushcart, which is a very nice outdoor bar/restaurant at the Rockhouse that is on the cliffs overlooking the most gorgeous sunset you will ever see. It is right above the caves where the cat cruise stops. You don't have to sign up or anything. You just show up when the bus gets there and off you go. It's about a 10min ride. Just ask the Guest Relations desk about the departure time when you arrive. It's directly across the lobby from the front desk. It's a shorts and t-shirts type of deal, so if you are dressed that way upon arrival, you don't have much "getting ready" to do. The one thing about Jamaica is that there is very little "hurrying up" to do anything. Just show up, relax, and go with the flow. I think the shuttle left around 5 or 5:30p. Do it! It's a great, cheap excursion and the West End cliffs are awesome.
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    It is a nice trip. They take you to Push Cart (little bar/restaurant). They do have really good Jamaican food there and you get to see the sunset.

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    IMHO, if I had never been to CN before, I would rather get my bearings around the resort I can't remember if there is more than 1 trip to the sunset bar each week. How many days will you be there? There is so much to do/enjoy on the get to go by cat cruise to the waters by the sunset bar and get to possibly view the sunset that way, too.

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    Get the Jerk Sample Platter... and yes no hurry Mon but worth the trip BEAUTIFUL SUNSET.. and they go more than once during the week... was just there last week Dec.3 - Dec.11...

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