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    Hi everyone,

    Ok, I must admit, I am not typically fond of change, I was pretty apprehensive about this new board, but the more I play around in it, the more I am liking it, and the more features I appreciate, like not having to pre-shrink pictures to post them!

    Since I am still fairly new to the new board, I have a couple questions.

    The friends capability, what is the main purpose of this? I am not seeing a way to directly contact that person through the link?

    Any other quick tips or something I may not have found to navigate and make the most of it?

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    You need to be aware that there is a limit of the amount of picures that you can post. This program has a KB file limit of about 660 KB's. Not sure if it sends out a notice that you have reached the limit.

    To access this click on USER CP then click on ATTACHMENTS.

    I feel the friends listing is a wasted portion of the program after all we are all a family of Coupleholics but not everyone knows the Polish Princess and the King of Wobble.

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    Boy we have come up with some nicknames on this

    I have lots of pic's in my album ck them out if you have not already.

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    Mzambo - I didn't see your post & just started a thread about what the "friends" feature on this MB meant exactly. I'd ask the same thing when the new board came out but never got any answers that explained it so am still confused. What is the difference in someone being on my friend's list & not being??????????? Someone ??? Randymon ??? Seandymon ??? Anyone ???????????

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