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    The wife and I are leaving for CN in 25 days. I've been reading up on some of the reviews on Tripadvisor and some are mentioning paperwork. What type of paperwork is to be filled out once we check in? Is it just for our dinning options? Someone please explain.


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    No, it's just your check-in forms (names, address, credit card for incidentals, etc). If you sign up for Romance Rewards and pre-check-in online, it's already filled out when you arrive. If not, no big deal. It only takes a couple minutes. As for dining options, there is only one restaurant, Otaheite, that requires reservations. Everywhere else, you just show up and eat. This will be the easiest resort you have ever stayed at. Enjoy! You're gonna love it!

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    If you are a romance reward member (link at bottom of page to sign up) you can pre-checkin. This fills in your basic information for the resort. When you arrive at the resort, there is a form to be completed that lists names, addresses, etc. and return trip info (flight #, airline, date, time). If you have prechecked in, the all that needs to be completed is your return trip info. If you don't precheckin, then you would need to complete the rest of the form as well (name, address, etc.) The resort uses the return trip information to determine the time of your departure and shuttle back to MoBay.

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