I'm EXTREMELY excited my wife and I were "pressured" to go back to CN for our one year anniversary. After coming home from our Honeymoon there in June, we did nothing but brag about how amazing our trip was. My cousin and her fiance were the two we bragged to the most, and with the help of our pictures, we convinced them to go there for their honeymoon in June of 2012. They are getting married 2 days before our one year anniversary, and they pressured (didn't need a lot of pressure though) us to go back to CN while they are on their honeymoon.

During our first time there (honeymoon) we were so exhausted from all the wedding stuff, we didn't do any of the included activities like the cruises and water sports.

What other activities are offered and what do they require us to do to sign up? Do they offer anything special for anniversaries?

We can't wait to be back on that beautiful beach, floating in the most breathtaking, warm water and enjoying the most delicious food and atmosphere and share it with our best friends. The countdown begins!! See you in 187 days!!