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    Default AN Snorkeling or sailing

    Is there a nude snorkeling activity? Can we use the little Hobie catamarans nude? Actually is there anything nude we can do besides just the pool and beach?


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    Default Au Natural activities

    The Hobie cats and dive shop are located in the textile area of the resort. Snorkeling other than during one of the organized trips is discouraged for Jamaican legal reasons. Once you have left the cove on a Hobie Cat there is no one to stop you from bareing it all! Just be sure to secure your swim suuits so the don't get blown away.

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    I saw Kyaks on Sunset beach last Dec. but that was all. There is volley ball to.
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    Cant remeber if it was 07 or 08... We had one of the watersports guys bring out a hobie cat so we could nude sail from the island... They still want you to wear a lifevest, tho. As to snorkling, just ask them if you can bring some gear out to the island, theres a lot of coral and anemenys <sp>... This was at Tower Isle...

    -The Captain

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    At CTI we bring our own snorkling gear and go right off the Island......

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