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    is it easy to be served drinks here? Will they let you have a good time and enjoy your alchol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrobertson1978 View Post
    is it easy to be served drinks here? Will they let you have a good time and enjoy your alchol?
    Of course as long as you drink responsibly & don't disturb other guest. If you mean falling down drunk then no they will not let you get so bad that you become a danger to yourself or others.
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    I certainly had no problem getting drinks, as long as they were serving, I was being served. I even had a server yell at me (jokingly and friendly, of course) for going to the bar to get my own drinks from the beach! She told me to stay in my chair and put up the red flag. But, drinking so much leads to going to the bathroom a lot, lol, so I didn't mind going to get our drinks myself on the way to the restroom. But they definitely want you to have a good time and as long as you are not bothering others, there is no problem. PLEASE, just don't go to the piano bar, drunk, and just scream the song lyrics...very annoying when my wife and I were having a good time ( I was made to sing "you are so beautiful" to my wife) when a group of very drunk guys came in and just screamed lyrics. Ruined it for us.

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    Yes it is, any of the bars, and you can have a good time, that is what it is all about. Just don't let your good time be a bad time for those around you.

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    LOL - This might be one of the funniest posts I have ever read!

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    It's easy to be served can walk to the bar or use the flag service on the beach. I assume this is the question?

    As far as "have a good time and enjoy your alcohol"...Couples resorts don't have a party atmosphere. Though you may see a person or two have a few too many and "have a good time" it's not widely accepted or appreciated by other guests. The resorts are geared toward romance...peace and quiet. It's all-inclusive which includes all the alcohol you want, just realize what type of resorts these are and if it doesn't fit your vacation preference book a different resort.

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    The drinks are free-flowing and very strong. During the day, the Pool Bar and Beach Grill Bar are full service and pretty quick. In the evening, the Beach Grill Bar, Cassava Terrace Bar, and Piano Bar are the 3 choices, and don't forget about the beers, wine, and full liter liquor bottles with mixers in your included mini-bar. There is also a self-service liquor and fountain soda station on the beach. Alcohol consumption is quite easy at CN!

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    Yes but if you misbehave and get stupid, they will cut you off.

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    Are you kidding? While you are laying on the beach, a server will bring you whatever you order. Just put your red flag in the sand. And yes, everyone has a great time!

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    Absolutely! If you are on the beach lying in a chair, raise the red flag and someone from the beach bar will bring you a drink. If you are on the AN side, there is a bar there as well. Someone will make the drinks for you, you just have to go get it. I've had no trouble with having all I want to drink except for maybe seeing double.


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    Well...... It seems easy to me. Here is how it works....

    You politely ask the bartender for the drink you want.
    They make if for you.
    You say "Thanks" and enjoy your alcohol.
    Repeat as desired.
    Important Note: If you drink way too much and get obnoxious you should politely go to your room and take a nap.

    I guess this is my way of saying.... I can't tell what you are asking.

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    We never saw anybody get "cut off". There was probably a few that should have been at times. All in all, its a great time. There are those that drink quite a bit, and those that dont. As far as I know, you can have as much as you want. The greatest thing about it dont feel rushed to do anything, so you end up pacing yourself more than you realize. There is WAY more to Couples than the drink. Dont get me wrong, we did our fair share and then some, but everything else is great too.

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    Absolutely! Occasionally you may have to wait a minute or two for a drink on the beach...but it is a very short walk to a bar if you are eager.

    A favorite moment: my wife and I were on the floating platform and there was a group of 8 or so folks from New Englan having a good ol' time. One of them went in and brought back a whole tray of drinks...and included us. Very much appreciated!

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    Oh my goodness, yes. Why would you think otherwise. I can not count the number of afternoons and nights that we have stumbled back to our room, thankful that we found it.

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