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    Default Swim to the CTI island??

    Just wondering if it's possible to swim or float out to the island. Not sure how far away it actually is. Furthermore, are you allowed, or would you have security yelling at you to come back? Just something me and my fiance were talking doesn't look all THAT far.

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    I saw it done once two years ago but I don't think I'd do it. I don't think Couples would endorse it but they didn't try to stop it either

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    I've seen one or two people swim to the island, so its possible. The only concerns I have are
    1. there are some areas you would want to avoid due to coral, urchins and other underwater items
    2. if its at all rough, swimming to the island is very risky, even if you're a strong swimmer, the currents could take you away or into a reef.
    3. if you went when the island was "closed" or popped in on someone's dinner, I'm sure you would get an ear full from management, and the guests dining.

    I've also seen people scuba and swim around the island - same concerns apply. I've never seen anyone float to the island, and I can't guarantee you wouldn't be reprimanded for swimming out to the island when you return to the "mainland".

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    My husband and the spin instructor tried to do that M0nday and were told no
    He really wanted to swim out there but I'm glad he didn't

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    I have seen people swim to the Island. It is a pretty good distance but if you are a good swimmer...go for it.

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    Hendy... I don't think they allow's not far....but they have rules to keep everyone safe. See ya there....we'll be taking the boat!! :-)

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    I have seen people swim out on most every trip except the last one. Two years ago, a guy would swim out, drop his shorts, have quick drink (water), put on his shorts and swim back. Another year, there was a couple that swam out a couple of times. I don't know if it's a "rule", but you can always ask.

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    Thanks for the responses everyone. I guess the only thing to do is ask. Obviously not during rough water, but we just thought it might be fun to hop on a floatie of some kind and casually float out there one day.

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    Oh yeah people swim out there. Not a big deal. there is no rule. But you HAVE TO be a good swimmer. My husband grew up on a lake, is a veritable FISH, has waterskied at the resort and he wouldnt attempt it. It's further than it looks.

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    I have swam it many times. It is only about 150m. However going to the isle is against the tide/current with waves, you need to be a good swimmer - it takes way longer than swiming 150m in a pool. Going from the isle to the pier is easier. The boatman (Gary) will watch you. They are always concerned about a weak swimmer getting tired half-way across. My guess is coming back to the pier is more of a concern if somebody over indulges on the isle and makes a bad decision to try and swim it at the end of the day. We will be on the island in 48 days!

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