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    Default CSA: BFVS & BFS questions

    Hello all,

    I am going to be arriving at CSA on Sunday, 12/11. We currently have a BFS booked but I'm considering upgrading to a BFVS.

    Does anybody have any advice for room numbers for either room type? I know you can't request in advance but when I get there I would like to request a room or at least floor/corner.

    From what I've been reading the BFVS on the 1st and 3rd floor on the corners are best (is that correct)?

    I haven't really read anything about what BFS are the best...I think there are two floors in those buildings so does that mean the 2nd floor may have a partially blocked view because of vegetation (I have read that about the BVFS on the 2nd floor).

    Thank you in advance!


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    We stayed in a third floor room BFVS, and the view of the ocean was beautiful! It looked like most rooms on the third floor of the BFVS's would have unobstructed views. Here's a link to some of our pictures from that trip, with a few taken from the balcony - judge for yourself!

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    Don't switch! I haven't tried the bfs but has stayed in the bfvs twice. They rock but have always longed to try the bfs. Once you get there you will see!

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    Even if you ask at check-in and are willing to pay for the upgrade it may not be available...just so you aren't disappointed on arrival.

    If you get the BFVS I wouldn't worry about room number...everyone will rave about the room they were in and that's because they are all fabulous. They sit with essentially the same views from each building so I wouldn't worry about it. As for floor or corner vs middle it's personal taste. The only difference in corner vs middle rooms is that on the corner rooms the wall at the head of the bed is an exterior wall and has windows with shutters. If you don't get one you won't notice the difference so don't be disappointed. As for you want privacy but a trek up the stairs or do you want the higher vantage point and are willing to walk the stairs? The sidewalk and beach are literally steps off your verandah on the first floor and people walking by naturally glance in to your room giving many a feeling of a lack of privacy. Others like the convenience of not having to walk up the stairs to get to the room and don't mind the other guests so close. The views are all spectacular in the BFVS category, just a different vantage point from first floor to third.

    Yes, two floors in the BFS rooms. You could have some foliage in your view but it will be spectacular regardless.

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    We stayed in a BFVS 2 years ago. We loved the BFVS so much, we wouldn't want any other type of room. We had first floor, corner and loved that as well. We are returning Jan/Feb 2012 and have requested the same room (I know they don't take requests, but we're trying anyway).......or at least one on the first floor. We liked that we could step off our verandah, cross the small sidewalk and be on the beach. W'e'd set up our chairs in line with our room, leave the verandah door closed, but unlocked; and we could return to the room whenever we wanted. I'd upgrade if I were you! Enjoy !

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    KarenON- thanks for sharing those great pictures... My wife and I just can't wait for our first CSA experience - everyone's posts have been so reassuring about our choice of a BFVS. 35 sleeps and we're off to Jamaica and paradise...

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    Thanks for all the replies! It looks like BFVS are sold out according to the Couples what should I request for the best BFS? Will I have a better view on the 1st floor or 2nd floor? Should I request a corner or are they the same in as an interior unit in the BFS's?

    Thanks again!

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    We tried to get a BFS room after always getting a BFVS room this past January. Bob had always wanted to try for one of the rooms with the beautiful wrap around verandah. To make a long story short, we ended up in the Greathouse! But we do truly love the BFVS rooms and the third floor has the best views. We've also stayed on the second floor BFVS, and had a room once where the view of the sunset was blocked by a palm tree. That won't happen in a third floor room, but then you have to climb up there a few times a day.

    We do enjoy the corner rooms, as they just seem brighter with the bank of windows on the side wall. But then again, you are not in the room that much during the day.

    For the money, you can't get closer to the beach than the CSA BFVS.

    GE - when are you going to be at CSA?? We will be there Jan 29-Feb 8.

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    You will get more privacy with a second floor . IMO, I would love to sit on the veranda and look at the sea. Second floor my be obstructed somewhat. I choose fiirst floor if possible but It all depends on what you want. Either one will be great.

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