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    Default Which resort????

    my husband and I are looking at one of the resorts for our 10 yr wedding anniversary in Nov 2012. For those of you that are frequent visitors to the resorts...which is your favorite and why? Thanks!!

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    CTI--6th trip 7/2012, private beach, awesome staff, wonderful food & the island.

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    Couples Sans Souci - The resort is very beautiful, it just "oozes" romance at every turn. The food is excellent, and the staff is the best we have ever encountered on any trip. The rooms up in the cliffs give you ocean views that are unparalleled, they will take your breath away each time you go out onto your large balcony and lay in your padded lounge chairs! Then, on top of that, Sunset Beach gives you a wonderful, private location to relax and enjoy an "au naturel" vacation, completely separated from the main resort. What more could you ask for???

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    thank you Vickyj, i was beginning to think noone would answer! lol. We have been going back and forth between CSS and CTI...hmmmm....just when I thought i'd made my decision to go CSS now I have to go back and look at CTI! lol.

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    We've only done CN. FANTASTIC beach and smaller, intimate resort.

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    I like CN - fantastic beach that you can walk, beautiful sunsets, great swim up bar, great food - staff - ambiance, Paul Tucker in the Piano bar, great food - staff - ambiance not wait I am repeating, which I have for 4 years and in 69 days will be there again. But I don't think you will go wrong no matter where you go.

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    Look at the pictures one will call to you. You cant go wrong with any of the couples resort.

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    is that one of the one bedroom ocean suites? I was looking at those rooms b/c I saw the padded lounge chair and the big balcony!!!! I'm getting so excited!! It all looks and sounds so wonderful. Do you know what building you were in? Or are they all great? Thanks for your reply.

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    gg085...I looked at CN as well, is transporation to the resort included? I saw as an excursion a charge of $93 each way to get to and from Montego Bay to Negril and back. I was confused. Thanks.

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    Iclinefla - We stayed in G 8 on our last trip, the best room we've been in at CSS yet. It is a one bedroom ocean suite. The ones in G block in that category all have the large balconies. The one bedroom ocean suites in D block have a much smaller balcony. Send us an e-mail, if you'd like, to, and we'll send you lots of info about CSS, and also some of our pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lclinefla View Post
    gg085...I looked at CN as well, is transporation to the resort included? I saw as an excursion a charge of $93 each way to get to and from Montego Bay to Negril and back. I was confused. Thanks.
    Transportation is always included at Couples, no matter which resort.

    We just got back from our third ANNUAL trip to Couples, the first to CTI and last year and this to CN. You will love CN (or any of them). We have always had the ocean view room (Bldg 7 and 8) and it is perfect for us. We enjoy room service in the mornings on our balcony and on that occasional afternoon rain shower as well. It's not beach"front", but close enough. We'll be back at CN in November; hope to see you there.

    The two pics are views from our balcony last year and this.
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    Janice and Keith in FL

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    We have been to CN & CTI and are headed to CSA this August. While we loved CN I must say we ADORED CTI.

    I think we would probably like CSS as well but with all of those steps it is just not doable for me. No matter which one you choose you will simply love Couples!

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    We did a split last summer, 4 days CSS and 7 days CN. After we left CSS and arrived at CN, we were very sad that we only spent 4 days there. It took us the entire week to enjoy CN, but when we came home, we thought that CN was our favourite. Now that we have been home for a while, CSS is the one I am thinking about all the time. We actually had CN booked for 2012, but when the last Wednesday special came along for CSS, we switched.

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