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    I am getting married 4/19/12 at CTI and wanted to know what other couples are doing for their reception? Or if you have already gotten married what did you do for your reception?

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    We just did the cocktail hour on the beach after the ceremony, then we went off and did our pictures and the 4 couples that came with us enjoyed the afternoon on the beach. We later meet up with them. At night we enjoyed the starlight gala that CSS has on friday nights.

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    We got married a couple of years ago, at CSA and we had 7 other couples at the resort with us, so we had a great reception there at the resort. We then had a state side reception for the rest of our friends and family that weren't able to make it. We wore our wedding clothes and had a renewal ceremony, short, and then partied. We had our pics from the trip on a slide show and had framed prints on the tables for people to enjoy as well. Hope that helps answer your question.
    CSA 11-7-09

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