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    Default Photographers!?!?

    Hey Everyone!

    I know that this post has already been posted like a gazillion times, but as I was reading through all the other posts trying to figure out what photographer to use and I was just getting confused. So...I thought I would start this thread to help me out!!
    Iam getting married 04/25/2011 at Couples Negril and I want to get an outside photographer so I can have more than 36 photos.

    Who are some the the best photographers out there for hire??

    Any feedback would be absolutely AWESOME!!!

    Thanks everyone in advance!!!

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    I used Marcia Roberts, I am so happy with her work

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    Default re: photographers!!

    I am getting married 12/28/2011 at tower isle and decided to go with Noel Sylvester his website is I hope this helps you... He is very affordable and will work with you. Goodluck!!

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    Congratulations JandB25! I'm getting married on 04/26/12 at CSA. Almost the same date and only miles away from each other! My fiance and I are using Misha Earle. We were impressed with her work on her website and she is always fast to respond to the million questions I have asked her. My dad is a professional photographer in SC so of course I had his opinion on her and a few others. He thinks she is very good and we all think she is very reasonably priced. Good luck!

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    We used Diana Campbell we loved her and Richard. We did video as well. I will say that sometimes she takes longer to get back with you but she is flexible with budget & time and did a wonderful job! I have just posted a review and a link to photos hope they help. Here is the link if you want to see work then if you like you can go to the review

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