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    We stayed on GHVS last year and got 3rd floor which we will again reqeust for our trip this Jan. If we do end up with on the 2nd floor can we expect any issues with noise or smells from Patios Patio restaurant below?

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    Probably not, but if you're not happy with your room, just ask if there is another one available. They definitely want to make you happy. Have fun!

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    We stayed in the GHJS on the second floor in January. We were bumped there when our room category (BFS) was not available. So, yes, I was very concerned about the noise. The Greathouse rooms are incredibly well sound proofed. We never heard anything from the Aura Lounge. The only time we heard outside noise was when we left our verandah doors open. And I never noticed any smells wafting up from Patoi (although that might have been nice!).

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