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    Default CN Repeater Menu - 11/21/11

    CN Repeater Menu

    It was delicious!Name:  Repeater Menu - 11-21-11.jpg
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    Thanks SO much for sharing!! Yummy. We are looking forward to our third Couples visit, but very first repeaters dinner, in less than one month!! Which resort were you at?

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    Sounds great ! Couples always does a fantastic job with the repeater's dinner. I met a couples who saves all their menus from the repeaters dinner, now I am doing the same.

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    I'd put up with that at CSA in January!!!!

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    Quick question- my husband is allergic to seafood (deadly allergic)- can you switch out the seafood option? We really worry about this because even the smallest amount would be a disaster. We have been to Couples about 8 times and have never gone to the repeaters dinner.

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    They are very accomodating. There is a staff host at every table and the servers are great too. If you let the host know the situatuion and reiterate it to the server, everything will be fine. If you ever want a modification or special request with any meal, as long as it is within reason, they will accomodate.

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