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    Default Book airfare now, resort later?

    Please help. We have decided on dates, first week of February, and found what I think is a great price out of Milwaukee. We can't decide on room cetegory at cti, or even if that's where we should go. We've done both negril couples, so there is the thought that we should see the other side. We want to to sr, but what if we wait for that and the resorts are booked? Then we have airfare, but no couples. Also considering back to back sr because I fear my hubby may grow restless at just one resort for a week. I understand that we may book both at the same resort, but maybe not. But again, is it possible that sr isn't offered sometimes because resorts are so full? Ugh! Them we just think book a room, but problem is, can't really do love away bc it's so close. And we were hoping the sr would make it a little more affordable. Or a great wed deal would arrise. Help!!

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    I have always booked the flight first and room later. Mostly because we are looking for upgrades with miles which can be tricky with US Air. We've also had the which room and which resort dilemma, but it has always worked out, but we do book fairly far in advance (6-9 months) so getting room and resort that we decided on weren't an issue. One year I was hoping for a Wednesday deal to ease the $ pain, but they were all for CTI and I really wanted CSS, so we just broke down and booked it.

    Regarding the "bored for a week" issue, you'll have plently of time to do trading places, so that would give you a very different resort at CSS (if you do end up at CTI) to keep the vacation new and exciting.

    Since you're looking pretty close, I would say book the flight before it's gone and wait 2 weeks for a special then bite the bullet and book in whatever category you can manage. I haven't done SR, so I can't give any advise on that aspect.


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    No guarantees that SR will be offered as that is high season. If it was me, I wouldn't wait and just pick one and book.

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    Well, just went to book and it's gone up $80! What happens in 24 hours that an increase like that is acceptable. I'm sad to say we are putting plans on hold as this is one of multiple factors that seem to be making just too hard to get to couples right now.

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    Sorry to hear that, madtown mom, but I'd say to keep an eye on things: Airfares can vacillate wildly even hour to hour. If you're looking at a larger market, you might well find that prices go down again at the beginning of next week (they tend to go up on the weekends).

    Our problem lies in the fact that we fly out of a smallish market, and getting the first flight out in the morning (in order to catch any reasonable connections to Jamaica) can be killer. Inevitably what happens is that the early flight is super-cheap a year in advance, goes up dramatically and quickly and then unexpectedly drops by about $1,000 when they realize it's in their interest to switch to a bigger plane (and sometimes lather, rinse, repeat).

    Good luck, and I hope you can manage to go home sooner rather than later.

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    Hey madtown mom! I am from Madison (Monona, actually) too and my husband & I will be making our first trip to a Couples resort (CTI) next September for our 20th anniversary. We booked the resort back in June before flight schedules were available and have now been able to start pricing flights over the past 3-4 weeks. We are also planning on flying out of Milwaukee. Since you mentioned you had been to Couples before, I was just curious what you have found to be a reasonable fare from MKE to MBJ in the past. We are hoping to keep it at $1000 or less (for both tickets). We actually have US Air flights with our preferred arrival/departure times picked out, but right now they're a little over our budget. There's also a chance we might be able to use some reward points. It's all just a gamble when it comes to airfare, isnt it? I hope you will be able to get your plans back on track!

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    Thanks, I hope so too! We are submitting photos into the bimonthly contest. Here's to hoping! I'll keep checking several times a day and watching the weds specials. It's just couples or nothing for us. We also plan to expand our family, so this was going to be our indulgent vacation before baby.

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    Last April they were around $400 each. I think. I'd say under $1000 is very possible as long as you go to Milwaukee. Chicago can actually cost more, I'm guessing because of higher taxes. Good luck and welcome to the family!

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