Please help. We have decided on dates, first week of February, and found what I think is a great price out of Milwaukee. We can't decide on room cetegory at cti, or even if that's where we should go. We've done both negril couples, so there is the thought that we should see the other side. We want to to sr, but what if we wait for that and the resorts are booked? Then we have airfare, but no couples. Also considering back to back sr because I fear my hubby may grow restless at just one resort for a week. I understand that we may book both at the same resort, but maybe not. But again, is it possible that sr isn't offered sometimes because resorts are so full? Ugh! Them we just think book a room, but problem is, can't really do love away bc it's so close. And we were hoping the sr would make it a little more affordable. Or a great wed deal would arrise. Help!!