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    Default Trading Places Pass for one day.....

    Curious about "Trading Places Pass for one day"....

    Can anyone who has done this fill me in on how this goes down? I understand it's subject to availability and reservation required 24 hours in advance. I'm just curious as to what time you leave to to other resort, how long you stay AND how do you get there? We would be going from CSA to CN for the day.

    I'm excited to hear what y'all have to tell me!


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    Couples provides a shuttle from one resort to the other. You leave at 10 am and return at 4 pm. We went from CN to CSA when we were there in October. It was fun to experience the other resort and see seven mile beach. It was nice to be able to compare the two (even with limited information/observation about CSA). It confirmed that we made the right choice in picking CN for our stay.

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    We did it last April from CSA to cnegril. The van left at 10am and returned us to CSA at 4pm. It's a free ride but you can tip the driver. It's m-w-f I believe and if you decide that you want to leave before the scheduled time, bring some taxi money (which we forgot). We wanted to leave but couldn't. It's a nice perk just to see the sister resort.

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    The shuttle picks you up at CSA at 10a and leaves CN at 4p. If you want to leave at any other time, you have to pay for your own transportation. The resorts are literally 2 mins apart. You can do most of the activities with a few limitations, like no scuba.
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    We enjoyed our trading places day. Just tell them at the concierge desk the day before that you are interested in doing it the next day ( I asked when we did our reservations for the week. We did it mid week in our trip. Do not worry about bringing towels, when you arrive just get them at the towel desk. Also, when we arrived I asked the front desk for a list of the daily activities. I took part in tye dye while we were visiting. Also, I requested to view a room while visiting ( had been a while since we had stayed at CN). There is a very nice garden area on the side of the resort closest to the Riu, it is beautiful, be sure to enjoy a walk in this area. Also, on bloody bay there is an area called Office of Nature. It is kind of nice to take a walk down to this area.
    I love CSA, but I am considering CN for our next Negril trip.

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    You are correct in that it is subject to availability. It is limited to 10 couples per day. You can sign up as soon as you arrive to the resort if you'd like.

    If you want to do it, I would suggest going on a day sooner rather than later. We scheduled for a Wednesday (CTI to CSS) and it rained that day. We cancelled and rescheduled for Friday and we had much better weather. If we had originally scheduled for Friday and had rain, we would not have had been able to reschedule, as we left for home on Saturday.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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