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    Default Basement flooded

    Basements flooded here in Michigan and there's still 80 days till we get to CN.

    Done pumping water
    Dick & Dawn

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    Hopefully there wasn't too much damage?
    My cousin posted on FB last night that their main floor (which is apparently slightly below ground level, haven't seen the house) flooded with the rain yesterday.

    Sometimes I'm glad I'm on a crawl, and others I wish I had a basement...

    Gotta live Michigan weather, driving rain most of yesterday, followed by about 1/2 inch of snow on the ground this morning!

    (Warren, MI)
    CTI first visit November 2011
    CTI return trip May 2013!

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    I am guessing you are mid to west Michigan? We got some rain but missed the snow event!!! We are almost to single digit countdown and really hope nothing goes amiss while we are away.

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    We are in SE Michigan and the River Raisin will not crest until late tomorrow.
    We are really looking forward to our trip to CN in Feb.

    Looking for Carribean water rather than the cold River Raisin
    Dick & Dawn

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