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    Default Swim test for scuba cert at CSA

    What is required in the swim test to get scuba certified at CSA? How long/hard is it? What type of swimming? I am heading to CSA in January 2012 and would love to scuba and get my certification while there.

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    It's like 4 crawlstroke laps in a small pool. Very simple, easy stuff. Although, I love the way you worded your 2nd question! I feel bad saying it's not very long or hard!
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    For the initial dive, it was simple. 4 lengths of a small pool, and then you had to demonstrate some basic skills with the equipment on. Certification will involve more skills being completed, but as far as a swim test, not sure it applies other than the initial trial dive.

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    4 laps of their pool, freestyle swimming, roughly 200 yards. not timed.
    Certification is $365.00us dollars. need medical clearance. form is available on this site.

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    It isn't very long or hard, per se. However, you must keep your head under water. I found it difficult to hold my breath for that long and had to repeat the test on another day after practicing on my own.

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    Hi Playinthesand,
    Love your screen name. Re scuba certified... first there is the resort course which is included and includes the pool work with the 4 laps in the pool as mentioned, several basic skills and a shallow water dive. For certification you will need 4 dives which includes additional skills and the written exam. The shallow water dive that is part of the resort course counts as one of the 4 dives. You can do it all while there or you can do the written exam prior to arriving. I just returned from doing the certification at CN (same requirements as CSA), and did mine in two days including the written exam. (Since I did not take the resort course when I first got there, I had to compress into two days -- suggest that you take at the beginning of your stay and then you can spread out the process, especially the written exam portion. You will enjoy...

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