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    Default Jamaica in August?

    I've read, "Historically, the busiest hurricane months in Jamaica are August and September." Can anyone confirm or deny this? I'd really like to go home for my birthday in August but now I'm just a tiny bit concerned.

    Also, our first and only trip to Couples so far was to CSA. We absolutely FELL IN LOVE with the resort. We're hoping to get some opinions on the pros and cons comparing CSA and CN. All opinions welcome.


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    I have been to JA in late Nov, Dec, Jan, Mar, April, June, July and August. We avoid Sept, Oct and early Nov due to hurricane season. It was Very Hot in July and almost Intolerable in August (thankfully we were only there on a one day cruise ship stop in August). I would say that we would be opposed to an August vacation in Jamaica in the future. At breakfast at CSS- at 9am- the sweat was pouring off our faces....and it rained on and off throughout the day- which actually was a blessing from the heat. Did we have a great day at CSS despite the heat? Well of course- it was CSS after all....but we will not be returning to JA in August- just too darn HOT!!!

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    Historically the hurricane season is very active at that time and when we went in August of this year, there were 2 storms that we had to skirt, 1 going to Jamaica and 1 going back to New Orleans. That being said, my wife and I have gone to CSA in August-September 2 times, once in 2010 and once in 2011 and have another 10 days booked at CSA beginning August 25th, 2012. If we were worried about the storms or weather at that time we would not book at that time of year. I quess living in Louisiana and being used to hurricanes makes it easier for us to make our reservation for trips during that time. Do we worry about the weather, YES. We keep an eye on the long term Atlantic forecasts on the NOAA website. If needed we would have time to make changes to our trip dates. We DO take the trip insurance when we book our trips just in case we do have to make changes. For the last 2 years the weather has been great. There has been some rain, but out of the 16 days we have been there it has only rained at most for a couple of hours at a time at most for no more than 3 of those days. Also a big plus in booking at that time is the resort is not crowded and the rates are at their cheapest. We did a 4 PM 40th anniversary vow renewal on the beach this year and the rain started about 15 minutes before the renewal, but as usual by the time of the ceremony the rain had stopped. Leave your worries behind, make your reservations and have a great vacation. Arie Mon.

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    We went to CTI this past August 19-29 and had the BEST weather! At home in Rehoboth Beach Delaware they had Hurricane Irene and an earthquake to deal with. So you just NEVER know what you will get. Make sure you purchase the additional trip cancellation insurance offered through Couples or from an outside vendor. READ all of the fine print to make sure you have the coverage YOU want.

    We have been to CN and are headed to CSA in August 2012. CN is more compact, with the swim up bar being the 'social' hangout for those so inclined. CN also has a small au natural area with its own bar and hot tub. The beach is wider and not as long and you will find fewer vendors along the beach.

    Same excellent service, food, top shelf liquor and beautiful grounds.

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    Pretty much August through October is the high season for both rain and the possibility of hurricane. In additon it is the high season for humidity! Having said that, most years there is not a hurricane that hits Jamaica so the risk of actually having a hurricane hit while you are there is not all the big. If the humidity and increased risk of rain is a concern for you then those would be good months to avoid in the tropics.
    It is also important to keep in mind that no matter how you plan your trip you could get there and have a week of rain or a week of amazing sunshine! So we always go when it fits into our schedule, that't the only part of it we can control. The weather will do what it wants.
    I do recommend travel insurance, but also when we are traveling in the heart of the hurricane season we tend to book places the offer 'Cancel for Any Reason' insurance. Many of these allow you to cancel for any or no reason at all right up until an hour or so before your flight leaves. That way if it looks like a tropical storm is going to bring a week of rain we cancel, take the small loss for the insurance, and then rebook when we can.
    All the best!

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    We have been there the last two years in August and its been great, also there once in September and it was great, so we are heading back this coming August, guess we may be taking a risk with a possible hurricane at that time but now days there is plenty of advance warning and actually October is a time that often has the larger stronger storms that track more south.

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    My hubby and I were at CTI August 23-30 for our wedding. Hurricane Irene totally missed up.
    Buy the trip insurance and you will be good to go!
    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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    Default Hurricanes and Jamaica

    As some have mentioned, Hurricane Season is Jun to end of Nov. The active portions tend to be Aug and Sept. However, Jamaica's location also makes it vulnerable to the early and late season storms as well. So if you're that worried over the storms, I'd skip half the year!

    That being said, its not usual for Jamaica to be directly hit by strong storms all that often. Here is a breakdown of how the island has fared since 2001. Details as to direct hits on Jamaica, nearby storms and total storms for the Atlantic season

    2001 - no storms of 15 hit Jamaica. Iris did pass south in October
    2002 - Lili hit in September, one of 11 storms in the Atlantic
    2003 - no storms of 10 hit Jamaica. No nearby storms either
    2004 - Ivan hit in Sept. Total 15 storms that season, but Bonnie (aug) and Charlie (aug) also affected the Island. That was a tough year.
    2005 - Dennis hit in July. There were 27 storms that year. Emily came near the island as well.
    2006 - no storms of 10 hit Jamaica. No nearby storms either
    2007 - Dean was a Cat 4 as it went just missed south in August, but affected the island. There were 16 storms overall.
    2008 - Gustav hit in August out of 17 storms. Fay also was nearby
    2009 - no storms out of 11 hit Jamaica, none nearby
    2010 - no storms out of 20 hit Jamaica, none nearby

    This year Emily came near Jamaica but fizzled out before getting there and there were 18 storms.

    So from 2001 to 2010, 152 tropical systems in the Atlantic, with 5 directly hitting Jamaica and 5 close by enough to cause problems, or at least worries. Under 5% of storms hit and under 5% are nearby. Over ten years it turned out to be about a 50% chance that a storm will hit during a season and 50% chance one will be nearby. Keeping in mind a storm may last a day or two during a 3-4 month window to hit, the chances of you being in Jamaica (unless you live there) for a tropical storm or hurricane are actually pretty low. But I still buy trip insurance when I go between Aug and Oct. Keep in mind that it still is the rainy season and tropical downpours are likely, but thankfully they end quickly.

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    Thank you all for your very helpful comments. I appreciate you all so much. August it is!!! We are so excited!!

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    You so should go in August. This is the time that everyone does not go because of the hurricaine season, so the resorts as well as excursions, and the airport is at about 40-60% occupancy, thus the superior service you receive at couples is almost double. Always treated like rock stars. Never miss a tour or get denied dinner reservations. And the rates go down incredibly at the middle of the month. You deserve this incredible treatment on your birthday. And any other day for that fact. Go and enjoy....

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    keep in mind it rains almost every day in August We were there from 14th to 21st. and it rained every afternoon except one. The entire afternoon was totally cloudy with threatening to rain, if it did not rain. I personally will not go again in August as everyone we talked to, said its always like that, that time of year. We have also been in Novemeber and the weather was perfect at that time.

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    Remember when booking, rates starting August 20 are the lowest you will find for Couples. If you can wait to start your vacation after the 19 of August, you will save money.

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    Again though, while playing the odds by going in the months that have less rain on average is wise if rain would ruin your vacation, it is important to realize that you can get a week of rain or a week of full sun any week of the year.

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    Wifey and I honeymooned in late August 2003 at CTI and have been back 2 other times in late August since. The weather has always been fantastic. We've had some rain of course, but never for an extended period. I'd say go for it!

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    I don't mind some liquid sunshine, at all. It's a welcome break from the heat, without a doubt. I was just a little concerned about the possibility of a hurricane. We will buy the insurance FOR SURE!!! Thank you all for your input! It is very much appreciated.

    If all goes the way we'd like it to.... 250 days until CSA!! Woooo Hoooooooo!!!!

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    You can google 2009 atlantic hurricane season and every year before or after and it will show you how many hurricanes formed, where they went, when they hit..... very informative.

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    There may be a reason the rates are lowest in August and highest in February...

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