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    Default OMG- 72 hours of Anticipation left

    I can't believe it- after 12 months of planning, shopping, shopping, shopping and anxiously counting down the days the time has finally arrived. Only 72 hours until my hubby and I board the plan and head to CSA for 9 wonderful days! I am not sure I will be able to be productive at work these next couple of days as my mind will be on my vacation but sigh I will try my best to remain focused.

    Any last minute suggestions for us first timers from Kansas?

    Waiting to say T minus 24 and counting!


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    We just wanted to wish you a fabulous time, Tammy! We will be thinking about you guys while you are gone and wondering how it's going! Have a safe and wonderful vacation!!!

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    Tammy, my husband and I will be there on Friday and I'm sure we'll run into you. Bring plenty of suntan lotion, bring some bug spray in case you need it. We always pack our bathing suits and flipflops in our cary-on luggage in case our room isn't ready when we arrive. We change in the lobby bathrooms and hit the beach, grab a drink and some lounge chairs. I'd also suggest making dinner reservations at Feathers immediately upon arrival. Just see the concierge. Oh, and don't forget to sign up for a catamaran ride, too. The concierge can handle that as well.


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