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    Default CSA Catamaran Cruise

    Just wanted to get some info for the Cat cruise at CSA. My wife and I will be there 8/31-9/4 and we wanted to try to get out on the cat one day. Can anyone tell me where it goes and how hard is it to get on it? Is it one of those things that you better reserve days in advance or else you won't be going?


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    We have done it from CN, it takes you to Pirate's Cove, where you can go down the slide of the Cat, swim in the caves, go jump the cliff or stay on the boat and drink Red Stripe or Rum punch, it really is a ton of fun and you get back right as the sun is setting, it is a MUST do. Sign up for it at watersports when you get there.

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    The cruises are scheduled a couple times a week. Sign up the morning of the cruise, or a day ahead if you so desire. Leaves about 3:00 in the afternoon, returns about 6 or 6:30. Runs down the coast and back. Makes a stop at the turn for swimming and playing in the water a bit. Beer and rum punch are served.

    No additional cost, but tip the crew! There will be a tip jar on the bar. They will also sell some hand made trinkets and crafts.

    Lots of fun and a wonderful boat ride on a big beautiful catamaran. I'm sure others will have more details.

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    Go to the water sports hut as soon as you arrive on the resort. Then you can schedule all of your watersports right away so you are more likely to get the days you want. If you arrive by noon and the Cat Cruise goes out that day, you will probably be able to go that day if you want to. Otherwise, a day in advance should be plenty of time. Some of the watersports must be scheduled a day in advance. Be sure to try the Hobi Cats (little sailboats). If you have never done it, they will give you a 20 minute lesson and you will be ready to go it alone.

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    The Cat cruise leaves at 4 pm......if you reserve your spot the before you shouldnt have any cruises to the cliffs....drops anchor and lets you swim to the caves....its a must do.

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    Thanks for the responses. I was worried we might not be able to go since it is only on the schedule 2 of the days we are there

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