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    Another wonderful, enjoyable stay at our resort of choice, CTI. This was our 32 adventure at the place we like to call, Grown Up Camp. We saw a lot of "campers" that we have seen over the years. Almost all of the "councilors" were still there and we had a great time. The chef prepared his usually delicious presentations for all our meals. There was laughter and love everywhere you went.
    This trip we got one of our favorite "bunks" 3214. And we didn't need any mosquito netting this time. In fact, we left the front doors open all the time, and no bugs.

    The weather was an issue we had to deal with, every day. Wind was the culprit. Much stronger than in years past and almost always blowing all day long. For that reason alone, the yellow flag was up quite a bit. I don't remember exactly how many days, but it was way more then other November trip. There were also, I think, 2-3 red flag days. One of which, they closed the island. Very rough winds water and rain slamming into it.

    Although all water activities were suspended during the yellow flag days, I didn't hear a lot of grumbling. And for all the people at the new swim up bar pool, the winds didn't really bother many of them. The sun was not out for long periods of time. Clouds continued to roll in and roll on out.

    We spend just about all our time out on TI and there were two new additions that are worth noting. First, of course, is the new pontoon vessel that takes us to and from the rock.
    Delan is the captain and he runs a tight boat. Fiesta holds about 4-6 couples. Cushioned seats under your butts. A canopy top that is open most of time. And a built in radio and sound system. Even in rough waters, the ride is no problem. Getting on and off from either of the two docks, is much easier. However, the distance you must step down or up, varies with the tides. At one point you may only have to step up ten inches or so. Or it could be as much as 20". All in all, the tower traveler is a welcomed addition.

    NOTE The new pontoon is great, but it is not the answer to being able to get out to TI every day. If the waters are choppy
    they may not make the crossing.
    The other item is in the bathroom. There is mirror on three walls. As you walk in, the wall facing you is all mirror. It starts about 35-40 inches from the floor, and goes to the ceiling. Following the slope of the room. Very nicely made. And the throne room has a new round door handle, with a lock.

    Lunch is served every day around 1-2. Each day there was salad, vegetables, rice, fish, and/or chicken and desert. Outstanding.

    I think that because we have been so many times, we tend to overlook things that might bother someone else. Especially when it comes to the weather. You don't have to let the various conditions that exist, get in your way of having a wonderful memorable vacation. Just pack lots of "changing attitudes" along with your bathing suits.

    There was only one day that they closed TI early, 4:00. for a wedding latter on that day. Almost every night there were private dinners under the stars. You may want to check in to that when you get there.

    All the things that were terrific and fun before, are still terrific and fun. The sights and sounds and smells were intoxicating. We remained under that spell from beginning to end.

    Thank you Couples. A simple statement perhaps. But one that comes from the depths of our being. We loved it.

    Now on to April 2012.

    Tick tick tick tick


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    HI Richie!
    Glad you and Syl had a good time. Say "hi" from me!
    12 more days until Tom and I hit Paradise.
    As usual, your gift of words brings a smile to my face

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    Having been first timers to CTI this year, we got lucky with the weather, and had nice weather the entire trip. There was one day where it rained, and then only for about 30-45 minutes in the morning. In truth, I can't see ever complaining about the weather when I go on vacation. After all, it's not like the resort / amusement park / campground can control the weather!

    So, we were able to get out to the Isle all 3 days we were there, and having lurked around this board, and posting questions in the AN section, we had a pretty good idea as to what to expect. Lunch delivered out to the Isle (buffet style) was nice, as it saved us from needing to pack up, head back, get something to eat, then decide if we were going back out or to the room for a nap...

    Having never (obviously ) seen the restroom on the Isle before, i can't compare it to what it was before. I will also say that Delan (we never got his name ) is an excellent captain of the pontoon boat!

    CTI first trip November 2011
    CTI return visit May 2013!

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