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    Hi, my girlfriend and I will be visiting CN for our first time Jan 1-8 2012 - looking forward to it!

    Just curious what the age range/distribution is at CN - we're both 27 and expecting to be on the youngish side of things, but hopefully we won't feel out of place!


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    There have been a lot of posts on this question on the message board. The range is 20's to 80's at all of the resorts and it really doesn't matter. There are many people in your age group at Couples since it's noted for weddings and honeymoons.
    One of the many amazing things about Couples, age does not come into play. If you are social, you will find yourselves talking with people of all ages and not give a thought to how old they are.
    Some of us old folks may surprise you, fun in the sun with you're SO never gets old.
    You'll have a great choose Couples!

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    Early 20's to retired couples in their golden years. You will fit right in with them all since everyone is young at couples. Age makes no difference their and you will probably not even notice age as much as you think so don't feel out of place just enjoy like everyone is doing. No problem mon.

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    Yeah, I've asked the same question a while back. My wife and I will be there for our first time Jan2 through Jan10. I'm 33 and my wife is 28. Most of my responses came back with a wide range of age. Our friend and his wife went to CN earlier this year in March, and said that there were couples there in their 70's through 20's. So it shall be interesting...good times for sure.

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    21 to 80.

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    You can make me grow old, but you can't make me grow up.

    The other posts covered it, I just wanted to add my little "pearl of wisdom"
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    When we went to CN two years ago we were 22 & 23 and were by far the youngest there. We don't necessarily feel out of place, but we arent the kind to walk up to people and chat anyway so it was a little uncomfortable. Most people were our parents ages. We did meet a few nice older couples though! Best places to hang out and meet people is at the swim up bar and on the catamaran cruise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeedBlueWater View Post
    You can make me grow old, but you can't make me grow up.

    The other posts covered it, I just wanted to add my little "pearl of wisdom"
    Awwww NeedBlueWater......I love your "pearl of wisdom" and a great one to have!!!

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    Like has been said ...... There are all ages at CN ...... Hubby is 51 & I am 49. We've made friends with couples from mid 20's to 70's & never even thought about what age they were. You will not feel out of place so no worries there. Age really doesn't seem like a factor at all when you get there & everyone is having a great time. Couples makes everyone feel younger & like newlyweds.

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    My husband and I (55-49) hung out one year with a younger couple (we could have been their parents) Great fun, still friends years later.

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    We were at CN last January and met a couple from Ireland who are close enough in age to be my parents. We had fun talking with them and learning more about their country and them about the US. They were early 70's and we are early 50's. Age is just a number. Somedays I feel 20 and some days I feel much older.


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    Just got back last night after 10 days. Because we did a Friday to the Monday 10 days later, we went through about 3 "shifts" of guests. As resonated before, there were people between 20's and 80's and from all walks of life and many different countries. And people go for different reasons with different expectations.
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    We were 36 and 37 when we last visited. We met and enjoyed the company of couples from all ages between the 24-25 yr old newly weds to the 65 yr old retirees with kids our same ages. The greatest thing about the world is that it is "small." We met people that grew up just down the road from many of our family members in podunk Oklahoma. I guarantee that you will meet others that you either have something in common with, or are from near the same area and will have something to talk about. It is a great place, and at very least its a great time to simply enjoy each others company. If you are just getting started in a relationship, this is not to be taken for granted. I will assure you of that. Life gets busy, Couples makes it easy! Enjoy...

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