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    Default Silverbirds

    Do the Silverbirds, steel drum band, have a set schedule for Couples Negril performances? If so, does anyone know what days/nights we can expect to see and hear them.

    We saw them at CTI and I just caught RDYJMJM's Youtube video of them poolside at CN. It just got me thinking.

    Nice video RDYJMJM. Here's a link:
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    If that's the same steel band that plays the Beach Party, they are there on Thursday evening.

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    They were there on Thursday or Saturday if not both. They also played along the pool during the day, which they did not on my first trip to CN.

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    They play sunday lunchtime and there is also one evening but I'm blanking on which one( must admit to nodding off during set - yes I know!! But we'd been in the sun all day and just enjoyed a wonderful dinner washed down with champagne cocktails) They are brilliant!

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    Does anyone know if theyalso play at CSA? We saw them earlier this year @ CTI

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    They played on Thursday night when we were at CN.......It was really the only thing all week that we definitely did not want to miss.....
    They are fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!
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    We saw them at CSS in July this year
    They were awesome!

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    They played at the beach party at CN last nght (thursday) and were as good as ever but I thnk I prefer their lunchtime performances wihoutvhe drums etc in the background.

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    Richli2, the Silverbirds do perform at Swept Away. we have spent a night each trip enjoying their music.

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    Default SilverBirds afternoon performance?

    Does anyone know which day they play in the afternoon at CN? Some one mentioned Sunday.
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    mark257, you are correct. Sunday around 1:00 at CN by the pool. (You can hear them while eating lunch)

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    They are very good

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    They are not to be missed anytime you get the opportunity to see them!! We had the pleasure of seeing them twice in August while at CTI and The "J" resort.

    BTW.....CTI blew The "J" resort out of the water.

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    They played at CN last Thursday, and were awesome, as usual!

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    They were at CSA last night! They are a fantastic show!

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