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    Default Birthday Ideas please....

    I will be taking my wife to CN next week to celebrate her 50th..err..I mean her 29th birthday. I know everyday we spend at CN is like our birthday but I am looking for ideas from you ladies as to little things to make the day even more special.
    I am giving her her choice of spa options of course and hopefully the cat cruise ...any other input you can offer would be great.....


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    my hubby and I were there this past April for his 29th b-day (seriously)! I mentioned that it was his birthday at the swim up bar, and everyone at the bar sang happy b-day which was really neat, and when we got back to our room later there was a fruit platter there with a happy birthday message. Totally unexpected. However, when I made reservations at one of the restaurants for that night I mentioned his birthday, but they didn't do anything or they forgot, but it wasn't a big deal. My advice would be to mention her birthday as often as possible and maybe she'll get special things you don't have to pay extra for!

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    Ken, check your email, sent you maessage..............................
    Helen P

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    Contact guest services or the romance concierge...either will help you with arranging something special. You can do this ahead of the trip or wait until you get there.

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    May I suggest a BLUE DIAMOND ;-)

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    Something simple & very easy that I did when we were at CN last for our 30th wedding anniversary was I wrote a message in the sand & had someone take my picture sitting by it .... He thought it was nice.

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    Offer to spend the day with her on the AN beach. Let her discover the freedom it brings. And, it can lead to romantic outcomes; guaranteed.

    My wife and I spent our 25th anniversary at CN on the AN beach ( a first for us), and we're returning next June for her 50th, also. Very much looking forward to it!


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    My wife and I have been going to Jamaica for a long long time and when we have a special occasion we make a sunset reservation for dinner at Rockhouse on the cliffs. We have done this for birthdays and anniversaries and my wife always wants to do it again. We love CN and CSA and some other resorts in Negril too but a dinner off the resort at Rockhouse ... especially at sunset... is special.

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    We are celebrating my wife's big day, not the 50, one before that!

    Thanks for the good ideas,,, was also thinkin of goin off resort that day too, for a nice romantic dinner on the Cliffs perhaps?

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