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    Default Power supply CSA/wine bottles

    Hi all

    we will be at CSA October 2012 for two weeks (very excited).

    Last time we visited the Caribbean we were on an American cruise ship so we only had to take a UK to US power adapter to plug our 4 way power strip into. I have been looking online for Jamaica and it seems very confusing ~ talking about grounded, ungrounded, dual voltage etc etc!

    Does anyone from the UK have any advice about what we will need to take with us so that we can plug in cameras, phones, toothbrushes etc to recharge them?

    Please bear in mind that you will be advising a complete technological idiot so simple words would be good lol!

    Also ~ just a query ~ it says that wine/liquor by the bottle are not included in the all inclusive and yet in the pre check in it asks if you want bottles of rum, sparkingling or red wine etc. I'm confused (it doesn't take much!).

    Many thanks in advance

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    Your UK to US adapter will work fine.

    All liquor is included. There is an optional manager's wine list that does have a surcharge, but all the other liquors, wines, champagnes are included.
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    The only wine that is not included are the custom ordered bottles at dinners.

    Jamaica uses US standard power 110v. However it runs at 50 cycles instead of 60. So just bring US power adapters and you will be fine.

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    I'm not an expert on UK voltage... but all of the plugs are regular US plugs. So... whatever you would normally use to adapt UK to US!

    There are some wine bottles that cost extra. The liquor you see on the pre-check-in list is what is available to have in-room at no extra charge. Hope that helps!

    Enjoy CSA!!

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    We were at CTI just recently and didn't need any special adapters for our stuff. We're from the US so you should be ok with your UK to US adapter.


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    Hi Joolz

    You're ok with a UK to US power adaptor - in Jamaica they are 2-pin sockets so you need an adaptor which converts our UK 3-pin plugs to a 2-pin.

    Wine/liquor by the bottle is not included - ie you will not be served a bottle of wine with meals, it will be served by the glass (don't worry you can have as many as you like!!) and at the bars drinks will also only be served by the glass. However, the mini-bars in the rooms are stocked with bottles of wine and liquor, which is why the pre-check in asks which you will require (in your mini-bar). No doubt this is because you will be serving yourselves in the room (also it would be difficult to stock the mini-bar with glasses of booze lol !!).

    You will have a fabulous time - Couples is like being in paradise, your every need is tended to and you won't want to leave. I'm also willing to bet you will become a 'returner' as Couples is an addiction - we're all 'Coupleholics' and cannot be cured!!!

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    No worries, Joolz. Just take your UK to US adapter. Things will take a bit longer to charge up but it will be fine.

    Re the bottles - what it means is that they wont put a bottle of wine on your table at dinner, but will just keep topping your glass up. However, in your mini bar there will be bottles of whatever you list - wine, rum etc.

    You will love CSA!

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    Thank you all ~ thats a great help. Can't wait to get there! 317 days and counting lol!

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    A can usually pick up adaptors at your local pound shop - we have 2 and use multi plug power strips (also available in pound shops!).

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