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    We will be leaving for CN in 10 days, can hardly wait. My other half is wondering if the bars in the resort have beer on tap, or just bottled beer. thank you in advance for the responses

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    They have Red Stripe and Red Stripe Lite on tap. You can also get Miller Lite in the can.

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    Not positive about cnegril but at CSA they have red stripe and red stripe light.

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    On tap. Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light. Miller Lite in cans.
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    Sorry, can't say for CN, but there is draft at CSA at SeaGrapes which was very nice as a self serve! Not sure the brand

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    Hi sdsenecal,
    Yes, all of the bars have beer on tap. It is Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light. Then they also have Millers Light in the cans. We just returned from CN and sure wish we were headed back in 10 days... You will enjoy

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    Red Stripe on tap

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    Red Stripe and Red Stripe Lite on Tap. Miller Lite and Caribe in cans.

    There is even a self serve beer cart on the beach!!

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    Not sure if all the Couples resorts are the same at the bars but CSA has Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light on tap at all the bars and Guinness at the Sports bar area. Have fun, we are still 144 days out from our next visit "home"


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    What about the beer on tap at CSS? Do they have both Red Stripe and Red Stripe lite?

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    Just got back from 10 days @ CN. All bars, ecept the Piano Bar have RS and RSL on tap, and ML in the can. The mini-bars have cans of Carib. The Piano Bar only has bottles of Guiness, Heineken, and RS.

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