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    After being back for only 4 days and suffering from withdrawals, complete with convulsions and cold sweats, we decided to make every Friday lobster night! There is an Asian market in Broomfield, CO that has live lobsters for only $10/lb, so I am on my way there to get our favorite crustaceans for dinner tonight. Now, I know they will not be the sweet Caribbean spiny lobster that we have come to love, but a little charcoal and garlic butter should do them right. Once the convulsions subside, we may switch it up, but that's our plan and we're stickin with it! (The Red Stripes and Sangster's Banana Rum Cream are already in the fridge)

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    Awesome, Dan! We like to find the ingredients at the Asian market for Jamaican dishes and cook it here at home, too. It sure helps with the withdrawals! You're lucky though with your rum cream, I have to guard it like a hawk. Too many friends that I have given a taste are now junkies. They seem to know how to show up just as I crack a bottle ;-)

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