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    Default Where are those white shade, shadow canopies for weddings?

    I heard they were at Tower Isle, but I've only seen snapshots of the panels from the website. I know there are several wedding canopies that have these, but I'd like to know where they all are. They make a great effect if the sun's in the right spot. I pulled a snapshot from the Couples website to show what they look like:

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    That looks like Swept Away.

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    They have white canopies between the trees on the beach at CTI. They are very large. Is this what you are referring too?

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    That doesn't look like CTI. It almost looks like a massage hut at one of the Negril resorts.

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    I am thinking it is a massage hut possibly at CN.

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    That's CSA. The beach hut at CN has trees around it, and the beach wedding area at CN is an arch, not a wooden gazebo-type structure.

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    yes def csa. myself and my husband just married there 3wks ago. most wonderful day of our lives.

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