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    Does antone know where you can get unroasted (I roast my own coffee) Blue Mountain coffee beans? I have never been able to find unroasted coffee on my trips to Jamaica and would love to bring some back.

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    If you are staying in Negril you could try Selina's Coffee Bar and Eatery. It is located along Manley Blvd toward Negril from both CN and CSA. She used to roast her own beans onsite. One point I would make is that it is difficult to determine when buying loose beans if you are actually getting Blue Moutain (JaBlum) or High Mountain which is also very good but should be much cheaper and is not 'authentic' JaBlum. The only real difference is the altitude at which it is grown in the Blue Mountains, but it is what makes it actual "JaBlum' or not. This is something to consider no matter where you buy loose beans, this is by no means a specific warning about Selina's. They are nice folks and seem to deal honestly. It's just that this is an area of confusion for many tourists, partly because they often think the coffee they get in the main dining rooms at their resort (including Couples) is Blue Mountain, when it is almost always High Mountain. You can get Blue Mountain coffee in some of the restaurants at Couples (usually in a press) but not the bulk of the coffee served in the buffet. So I would try Selina's but if you truly care if it is JaBlum as opposed to High Mountain you may need to ask for some verification.
    all the best!

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    I know I bought some green beans two years ago in the duty-free shop at the airport (the one with all the coffee). They came in small plastic bags. I never did roast them, so I can't comment on whether or not they were very good.

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    Thanks for the info. I will be sure to check out Selinas.

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