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    Default Thanksgiving at Couples

    We're wondering what it's like to spend Thanksgiving at Couples!

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    Happy Thanksgiving from CSA! We are here now sitting on our wraparound deck and watching the beach wake up. Cuppa Blue Mountain and my honey sitting next to me. Life is good and we're very thankful to be here....

    And BTW, the weather has been awesome, the water warm, the beach beautiful (if smaller than past trips) and the people just bending over backwards to make sure we're happy.

    I'd say all-in-all it's pretty darn fabulous celebrating T'giving here!!

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    It's the best! We're here right now and are having a wonderful Thanksgiving day. Breakfast started with champagne, room service on our porch, and jerk chicken for lunch. We just spent some time sipping
    Hummingbirds while floating in the Caribbean and will finish the day at Lemongrass.
    I am extremely thankful for this day. It doesn't get better than this.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    I would imagine it is just like any other day. Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Although I am pretty sure they would have turkey (maybe) for those who want it.

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    It is Heaven ... this is the first of the last three years that we were not at Couples on Thanksgiving and really missed it. This year we went a couple weeks earlier which was nice, but we did miss it.

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    As soon as I posted that, I realized what a silly question it was. Every day at Couples is fabulous! And I was thinking about turkey, but then again, who would want an American style turkey dinner when there are so many scrumptious offerings already? 66 days until we get to enjoy it all!

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    At CN, they offered turkey at lunch and as an added option at dinner. It's not EXACTLY like the US but, let's face it, you don't have to cook and the weather's a LOT better. And you don't end up stuffing yourself. There's still football. Really enjoyed it . . . again.

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