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    Default Sparkling Wine.

    Oh dear – I’ve just read that wine & sparkling wine are no longer put in the minibar at CN – please tell me it’s untrue !!!

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    I know I have never seen Sparkling Wine in the mini bar, but I have also never been denied at the bar(s) when I asked very nicely for an unopened bottle to take to my room.

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    There was no wine on the order list last October when we went. We even put a note requesting some but we didn't get any. this is a shame as we relly do not drink the hard liquer and enjoy wine.

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    We received a bottle during our honeymoon at CN this July, but I think that was part of the honeymoon package.

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    Default Sparking Wine

    I added a request to the mini-bar list in our room, and a bottle was left for us in our room! Awesome service!

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    We were there 1 Year ago and we had too much Sparkling wine in our minibar. We had at one time 3 bottles.. and that was too much :-)

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    I agree! The service is great. They brought up a cold bottle of wine only 2 minutes after ordering it.
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    There in December 2012 and had both white and sparking wine when requested; once a minute after hanging up the phone (he was in the area). Service is always spectacular.

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    We were at CSA this past December and had red, white and sparkling wine stocked in ours.

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    We were at CN in December 2012 & requested Sparkling Wine & White Wine for the mini-bar & both were waiting for us when we arrived. I didn't request more but I'm sure that they would have brought it if I had.

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    I just did my CN pre-check in and sparkling wine (as well as red and white) were still on the list.
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