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    Default CSS penthouse - first time to CSS

    My wife and I are making our first trip to a couples resort, we chose a penthouse at CSS. Has anyone stayed in a penthouse that they can recommend? Also we were considering the Hibiscus cottage if anyone has stayed there? Thanks, less then 3 weeks until we arrive!

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    If available at check in, "D" building. We stayed in E-10 and D-14. Both had great views but D-14 has a much better layout, larger balcony, 2nd 1/2 bathroom.

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    We have also booked a Penthouse suite and it will be our first time there when we arrive.......are you able to request a specific suite prior to arriving? Or do you make a request when you check in?


    Jay & Susan

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    We stayed in D-27 (Harry Belafonte)
    We loved it.
    I think all of the D Penthouse suites are great. Our good friends stayed in the Penthouse right next door and theirs was just like our. It has a huge patio. The two rooms are actually ajoining.

    The penthouses in D have a great view of the ocean and the mountains.
    I don't think the H cottage is worth the expense except as a one time splurge.
    It is huge. Honestly we find the regular suites to be plenty big for us. We don't spend much time in the room. The private outdoor infinity hot tub in the H cottage is pretty neat.
    It is a long way from the beach (and everything else for that matter)

    Have a great time
    You can't go wrong


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    Thanks for the advise, we will definately try to get a D block room. Can't wait to get there!

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    D14 is awesome!!!!!
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
    CTI 9/2013, 11/2015, 11/2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by calgontakemeaway View Post
    D14 is awesome!!!!!
    It sure is!

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    Thanks for the advise! 10 days til we arrive!

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    We are going to CSS next April for our 3rd trip but are staying in a Penthouse for the 1st time. Most people recommend D-Block. Can you see the beach and ocean from your balcony or are some of the rooms ocean views only? We would love to be able to see the beach and ocean.

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    This is the view from D-14 looking straight out. If you look to the right, it's all water and to the left is the beautiful grounds. The view of the grounds at night all lit up is incredible, especially for the Friday night gala. The view we had from E-10 was all water straight ahead with the mineral pool to the right and the back of "D" building to the left.

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    We Just got back and stayed in E-12. Beautiful Room, Nice view but only one small bathroom. You can see Lobby Pool off the right side of the Balcony. Nice when the band was playing, if we weren't in the Balloon Bar.

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