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    Default Repeaters Dinner at CN

    This December we will be repeaters at CN (whoot! whoot!) and I have some questions for anyone who has recently been there.

    Even though the Couples website shows that the Repeaters Dinner is at Otaheite, I understand that it is held at Lychee now? Is that correct? If it is at Lychee, is the Otaheite restaurant still closed on Mondays?

    For anyone who has recently attended, what was the menu? I understand that the Repeaters Dinner is spectacular and is not to be missed, that it typically is the most excellent meal of one's stay?

    Thanks so much!

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    It is @ Lychee and Otaheite is open Monday night. However, last night they held it on the patio by the pool in front of Otaheite, which is where we had it that same time last year. Everything was incredible with the main course being beef tenderloin and lobster! We sat with Brian and Mendy from the MB and the Assistant Manager of housekeeping, Cleon, a cool guy from the Lucea area. Great time as usual!

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    Just got back on Sunday from CN. It has indeed been moved from Otaheite to Lychee, but it was even better this time because they moved it outside! Met some great new folks at our table (saw them all week long) and conversation was easier because it was outside. I can't exactly remember the menu, but they have a new head chef and his creations were delicious.

    I assume that Otaheite is open on Monday, but then we didn't eat there until Saturday.. I know that Lychee is closed on Monday, of course..
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    I am not sure where it is held, but I know the menu changes for each meal. Met a couple who had been to 5 repeaters dinners, kept the meal card , and it was never the same.

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    The Otaheite is too small to hold the number of repeaters, so they have it at the Lychee now. The food still comes from the Otaheite, so the menu is the high end stuff from there, not Lychee food. The menu changes, but typically it's steak and lobster. The Otaheite is still closed on Mondays because the kitchen and wait staff work the repeater's dinner.
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    The repeater dinner is at Lychee on Monday and Otaheite is now closed on Thursdays - the website is still incorrect.

    What the actual closings are as of early 2011 :
    Dinner: ...closed Thursday in lieu of the beach party

    Dinner:...closed Saturdays

    closed Mondays (for the repeater dinner)

    closed Thursdays

    We posted that the Couples website ( was incorrect back in July but it seems no one will correct it.

    The repeater dinner menu in mid-September was:
    Lemon Grass Poached Shrimps/Green Mango Slaw/Ginger Coconut Aioli/Dill Oil

    Fire Roasted Capsicum & Garbanzo Bean/Pull Pork/Sour Cream Foam/Toasted Sunflower Seed/Basil Oil

    (Surf & Turf)
    Caribbean Mild Jerk Lobster Tail/Lime Butter Sauce/Honey Mustard Rubbed Beef Tenderloin/Rum Beef Jus/Herb Roast Zucchini/Roast Pumpkin/Tempura Cauliflower/Gorgonzola Polenta

    Banana Chocolate Crepe Parcel/Tia Maria Peppercorn Sabayon/Vanilla Ice Cream/Sesame Tuille

    Coffee, Tea and Petit Fours

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    My wife and I are repeat guests. This year(July) the dinner was held at Lychee. I dont recall what was on the menu but everything was excellent. You will definitely not want to miss it

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    You all are so wonderful, thank you for your replies! Is seating pre-arranged with name cards at each place setting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TravelBug View Post
    You all are so wonderful, thank you for your replies! Is seating pre-arranged with name cards at each place setting?
    Nope, you just sit wherever you like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TravelBug View Post
    ...Is seating pre-arranged with name cards at each place setting?
    There are no name cards and seating is not pre-arranged. Each couple just picks a table as they come in/arrive. Occasionally there are groups or pairs of friends that claim a table as their own, but otherwise you sit where you want.

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