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    Default 9 Days and Counting- How about a weather update????

    Finally after a year of anticipation we are 9 days away from our first trip to CSA and Jamaica! Can anyone give me a weather update for the first week of December???? I saw a previous post saying that it is rain rain rain for the first 5 days with no sun forecasted at all. Please tell me this is not the case.

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    It's been sunny and 86 every day with a breeze, usually out of the north. Great for the resort, but a little rough for getting back into the dive boat. Since 11/18, it rained once for about 30mins at about 5 or 6 AM, and it rained the night we got here pretty good for a couple hours in the evening. You should be fine. Enjoy!

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    We have been at CSA for a week and leave today. The weather has been warm, sunny, and beautiful! I believe it rained once or twice at night - not during the day.

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    Hi Tammy :-) We were there with Dan, who answered you above. We experienced NO rain in any of the 8 days we were there. The weather was stunning, as was the water. Even though it says there is a chance of rain every day in the forecast, in our 6 trips, we have only seen it once. Maybe we were lucky, but like Dan said, you have no worries. Give us a call this week before you leave. You are going to have a wonderful time and we are SO excited to for you!!!!

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