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    We have just returned from Couples San Souci. We had a great time and enjoyed the resort. We just have three complaints. Last year we stayed at Swept Away and we were able to order bottles of wine for our room. At San Souci, all we were able to get were small carafes of BOTTLES.....I went to the bar and asked for a bottle..I was told "No"....."you have to call room service"....I did....and was told the same thing....."you only can have a carafe".....which was a joke as it holds one and a quarter glasses of wine. If we are going to pay good money at San Souci...I should be able to get a BOTTLE of wine...

    I did make the resort manager aware of this, and he said that was should be able to get a bottle of wine.....well, after speaking to the bar manager, two bottles were sent to our room on our last night at San Souci....the resort manager said he would change the policy.....I have my doubts

    Our other complaint is the room safe.....the keypad is very difficult to use.....the safes should be replaced, and smoking should not be allowed on any of the balconies, especially if you are staying in a "NON-SMOKING" room.

    We are on the fence as far as returning to San Souci

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    Well if Pierre said he's changing the policy I personally have never know him not to keep his word. I've found him to be the most hands on of all the Couples resorts managers. To my knowledge none of the rooms at all of the Couples resorts are non-smoking and to expect no smoking on the balconies is rather unrealistic you must keep in mind you are in a different country that hosts people from all over the world where the customs when is comes to sm0king may be very different than where you are from. I agree the room safes are getting a bit old and can be hard to use out last day one trip the safe froze and would not open for anything and maintenance showed up with a master key and got it open for us. To bad we were hoping out passports were stuck in there so we could have a few more days at CSS on the trip insurance lol
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    We stayed at CSS in 2009 (all of our other Couples stays have been at CSA). As Shari said, if Pierre said he would change the policy on wine, it will be changed. We found that he listened to all of our thoughts and we thought he was terrific.

    Regarding smoking, I am a non-smoker (I have asthma). All of the rooms at all of the Couples resorts are "smoking" rooms. I'm sorry that you were under the impression that there are non-smoking rooms. There are not. Usually, it has not been an issue for me, but I can see where it would be annoying to have someone's smoke waft up to your balcony.

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    Well, I am sorry to hear you had a few negative aspects to your trip. Overall though, was everything else what you expected? ...and worth going back for?
    I am a red wine drinker and I can't say I wasn't overly impressed with only having one choice (a Chilean Cab. Sauv.) in all but the high end restaurants (at CTI and CSS last Dec/Jan) where they also had a Chilean Merlot. Besides, I thought bottles had to be purchased!?!? I thought I even read that somewhere?? We did buy bottles of wine (with resort credit) for NYE and our anniversary and there were some much nicer selections. So for me it wasn't the quantity but the quality. However, I wouldn't let it keep me from returning. I just drank less wine.
    We had our safe at CSS freeze up on us a couple of times too, and it just worried me - what if it wouldn't open? They could stand to replace some of the old ones. Our safe at CTI was much better.
    We didn't have any problems with smoke. I could see were that could be annoying, but I think it's still more of a Jamaica thing that smoking is allowed in more places.
    Your choice of course, but I'd give Couples another chance. I personally think all the great factors far outweigh the bad!

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    You were not staying in a non-smoking room... there are none. I also am very sensitive to smoke but have never had any issues at all at CSA or CSS. I don't see how it could be expected for people not to smoke on their balconies though... they probably were stepping out so they didn't smoke in the room which is very thoughtful.

    As far as the wine, we asked for and received two bottles of wine during our week there last year, no problems, so not sure what that is about.

    I agree the safes are a bit sticky and contrary, but with some help from an employee walking by, we figured ours out.

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    We stayed at CSS last October and we have been to 3 of the 4 resorts multiple times and this last trip to CSS the staff out did themselves in friendliness and being helpful. Though we did have the same issue with only getting a small wine carafe in the room.. We did preregister online and filled out the inroom bar request and that was not filled upon our arrival. These were just minor inconviences and the friendliness of the staff more than made up for it. Especially Gracie Ann in the Palazinnia resturant.

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    Just speaking from 5 years of experience at CSS regarding wine service in resort room. There used to be wine (red) as part of the regular selection of alcohols in the room - this appeared to have stopped a couple of years ago, however a simple request to an attentive bartender or room attendant has always satisfied our request for a fresh bottle of wine. While not aware of any specific 'policy', the concept of satisfying any guest request has yet to go lacking from our stand point - Cheers!

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    Default Thirsty?

    Can't imagine feeling there isn't enough to drink at Sans Souci. In our many trips I have always been
    impressed with the abundance of delicious food and drink served by some of the most gracious people in
    the business. Happy to say we are returning in a few days.

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    While we are not wine drinkers at all we are Bailey's drinkers. We asked to have a bottle of Bailey's in our room as part of the mini-bar. Unfortunately we were not accommodated. The mini bar was fully stocked with everything else under the sun, including champagne which we do not drink regularly.

    Would this one little thing discourage us from going back to a Couples? HECK NO! Alcohol in the room is such a miniscule part of the entire Couples experience that I really do not care if there is even a mini-bar included. It is a nice inclusion though and I do appreciate having the fridge for cold water in a RE-USABLE bottle.

    As others have said their are no non-smoking rooms at Couples that I am aware of. Even if there were what makes your desire to be away from smoke higher then someone's right to smoke outside on their balcony? Remember smoking tobacco is a LEGAL activity in Jamaica and still legal in most outdoor spaces in most places in the world. This is the opinion of a NON-Smoker.

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    I asked and received a bottle of white wine after they tried to send a carafe.
    Our safe had some of the number keys unfunctional and had to be re-set by staff.

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