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    Default Can she wear that?

    I know CTI has an au natural island but can my wife wear her thong bikini at the main resort pool and beach? She had no issues in Mexico but I just wanted to double check with those of you who have been. Thanks in advance!

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    While there are no restrictions that I'm aware of regarding types of swimsuits, I don't recall ever seeing thong bikinis at the beach or pool. Could've just been a more conservative crowd those trips. Did see a few topless women on the pier once, but that was many years ago. I didn't notice what they were wearing for bottoms. It should only matter what she is comfortable with anyway.

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    yes she can.

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    She can, and should. I know I did.
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    Yes, no problems at all wearing a thong. You'll see all kinds of swimwear from super conservative to the other end depending on who is there during the time you are.

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    Saw quite a few at CN.......even one on a guy
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    Great! I figured it would be fine but I seldom see those suits around the pools when we go tropical!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
    Saw quite a few at CN.......even one on a guy
    Was going to say the same thing, I think when we were there in February he had lost a bet or something. Know he changed into it on the beach and the crowd he was with was having a wonderful time with it. And no they were not young people but they sure were young at heart.

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