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    Default Weather - first two weeks in December 2011

    We're due to holiday in CN from 29th November to 13th December and can't wait! However, I made the mistake of checking on the weather and it looks as though it's rain, rain and yet more rain for at least the first 5 days of our stay, without any mention of even a glimps of the sun!! I'd hoped that we'd missed the rainy season but obviously not.

    Those of you in the know, any chance you can cheer us up with news of better (drier) weather for our second week? Do you think we'll really only get perpetual rain? We're still looking forward to our stay but news of the weather has put a 'dampener' on our excitement!

    We've always been fortunate with weather during our trips to the Caribbean until now................

    Huge thanks

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    Hi Jean

    I have emailed you at your Virgin address. Your gonna LOVE Couples. I have never beent o CN but if it is anything like the style and service you get at CSS then you are in for a real treat!

    Regards, JohnnieM

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    Default No worries

    Weather forecasts are only accurate for about a week ahead. After that, it's based on yearly averages. We've been to CN at that time, and have had great weather with only the typical brief pm rainstorm.
    We'll be there from Dec 4-11.

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    We will be making our fifith December visit to CSA next month. There has been some brief showers, but nothing to take away from us booking again. The worst thing to ever happen was it started to rain right before the beach buffet last year and it had to be moved inside.

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    We ignore all weather forecast models except for those concerning hurricanes. We typically travel to Jamaica in December and the constant forcasting of rain usually only amounts to a brief shower of "liquid sunshine" in the early afternoon. I don't think we have ever had even a single day that has been a complete wash out. Fear not.

    (I hope I did not just "jinx" myself for this next trip.)
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Jean, I've been going to Negril since 1998 an have never had more than one occasion where we had rain for an entire day. It is a tropical climate but usually the rain doesn't last long, if it rains at all.

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    Just curious where you see the weather forecast for that far in advance?
    Personally, I do not put alot of faith in forecasts for that far away.
    We will be there Dec. 3rd for 2 weeks - so I will be hoping for the hot sunny weather then too.
    Just an fyi, we were at Couples Sans Souci for 2 weeks last year at the same time of year and it was freezing cold and ++ rain - but I believe that was a fluke - so much so we are going at the same time again this year. Forecast I am looking at for the next few days is fabulous - hot hot hot.

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    Just checked They are calling for windy condtions and partly cloudy Nov 25-28 with 20% chance of rain, 60% chance of scattered thunderstorms on Nov 29, and partly cloudy with 20% chance on the 30th. The key is there's a "chance" of something sometime. You can pretty well count on a thunderstorm on the 29th, but they mostly roll in and then right out. Have another drink and wait it out.
    My wife and I will make our 5th trip to CN that week, always the 1st week of Dec. Never had a rainout yet

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    ...willing to offer up a chicken and a small goat to the gods for good weather in December

    was there last year for 7 days and it rained for two days...wait those were still great days

    so if it has to rain....will still be much better then cold and snow

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