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    Default Can anyone from UK going to CSA help pls??

    I am desperatley trying to find someone from the UK who is going to Couples Swept Away between now and Christmas and who would be kind enough to fly a small pack of photos out with them for the staff???? I have already tried posting something and it still hasnt arrived after a month so I dont want to risk it again! If you're reading this and wouldn't mind doing this for me then please email me at
    Many thanx
    Suzi Warcup.

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    Jsut above your post is one enquiring about weather in Jamaica. They are from Bromnley in Kent and are off to CN end Nov - Mid December (ish). I think CN may be close enough to CSA for you to ask. I don't know them but its worth a try!

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    Might I suggest you load them on a memory stick and send them to the USA sales office in Florida.
    I am certain they could get them across to the staff for printing locally


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    Thanx for your idea for help x

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    Cheers for your idea Mick but they are printed photos ...100 of them!! x

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