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    Default Am I overpacking this year?

    Hi - last year we vacationed in Jamaica at Couples Sans Souci the first 2 weeks of Dec. and I absolutely froze. I only had my beath coverups for the day - no sweatpants - now sweatshirts - and it was so cccccold in the early morn. - well, pretty well all day. One day was the coldest day Jamaica has had. I only had 1 sweater that I wore every eve for 2 weeks - white sweater, at that......
    So we are off to Couples Negril Dec. 3rd for 2 weeks and I plan on being sweatpants, sweatshirts and 4 sweaters for the evenings. Am I overdoing it? Was last year just a freaky year for the weather? I hate to overpack.......

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    Yes you are bringing too many sweaters. I have never been cold in Negril but we did have cooler, rainy weather in March at CSS one year. It's not the norm though. The only time I was wishing I had a sweater was at Feathers restaurant. Bring a sweater or two just in case. I don't know about C Negril if they have an air conditioned restaurant.

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    I've never been chilly and we always go in December... it must have just been weirdly cold while you were there?? I would never bring sweatpants or a sweatshirt... just a light sarong I use in the day as a coverup and at nite as an accessory to my dress.

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    I don't know where you live, but right now it's in the 80's in Negril and I am looking at snow coming down here in the mountains. We have been going to CSA in December and the only time we ever felt chilly was in the air condioned Feathers while dining. We are packing right now for our upcoming December visit and the only thing in our suit case will be tropic attire. Maybe it was colder in Ocho Rios than Negril last year, but I don't remember anything about being too cold at Swept Away last December.

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    i know what you mean. We arrived at CTI Dec. 27 last year and it was cold then too, for several days. We didn't have enough warm clothes either. I hope it was a freak thing, but I'll never go without some warmer clothes again... just in case. Still, I wouldn't go crazy with too much!

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    Thanks, everyone, for your replies. Sounds good - I will cut back on the sweaters
    Still have to pack that one pair of sweats, though, just in case........memories of freezing at every breakfast last year are still a little too vivid in my mind

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    Went to Brazil in January, their summer, and froze. Took no warm clothes and had to buy some. Go to CN every February and can't wait to ditch the warm up suit I travel in, which doubles as something warm in case I need it, never have. I have shorts and tee on under the warm up suit, and about an hour from Jamaica off comes the suit. in 4 trips to CN always in February, the coolest spot I have been is in the Piano Bar under the air conditioning vent and the fancy restaurant.

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    P.S. By cold I mean... no one sitting on the beach or at the pools unless fulled dressed, no one at all swimming in the ocean or pools (I tried the pool and it was positively freezing, since they aren't heated). There was even a staff guy wearing a towel around his neck as he worked on the beach.
    It didn't rain, but it was quite windy too, so all the water sports were shut down. The worst of it only lasted about 3 days, but even when it warmed up it was pretty cold for swimming, and the wind still kept the watersports down until the end of the week. (Luckily week 2 at CSS was much warmer and sunnier). People were mostly inside the lobby area (which is so nice for hanging out in) or gathered into the hot tubs. TG for the hot tubs with a view! It was good weather for shopping or horseback riding, but not Dunn's either, as it was just too cold (this from people who did go). So OF COURSE this isn't in any way Couples fault, and we still had a great time. We met lots of other guests and the staff were awesome, even bringing us drinks to the hot tubs.
    In Turks & Caicos in Feb. 2009 we had the same kinda thing - cool and very windy for several days. I had to go shopping for a hoodie to wear. So it's certainly good to have a plan B and bring some warmer clothes. I was glad to have yoga pants, a hoodie and a dressier sweater for evenings. The weather patterns seem to be changing and cooler weather seems to be more often hitting the Caribbean in the winters. Be prepared, just in case!

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    We were also at CTI Christmas and New Year 2010/2011 and after Christmas it was really cold for a few days, I had to buy a hoodie sweat top from the Couples Logo Gift Shop. We're from the UK and go to CTI at the same time every year and last year was the first time we were cold - hopefully it was a one off!! This year I will be packing sweatpants and top - just in case!!

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    Had never had a problem til the year we went to CSS and not the resort fault but a tropical depression over the island. I always travel with a sweatshirt now just in case and have never had to use it again. By the way that was in Feb. I heard it was unusually chilly last year but I'm sure it will be much better this year. Just have a little something in case.

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    We were at CSS the beginning of December last year as well. That is the time of year we usually go. It was an unusual year. I needed a shawl for the Beach party on Tuesday night. (never was cold before). But if you recall we had the same thing in the states. We got stuck in Atlanta on our return trip because Minneapolis was closed due to snow, and it was snowing in Atlanta. Everyone, even in the south was having colder than normal weather most of the winter last year.

    Hopefully this year will be ok. I am bringing an extra sweater, but am hoping we are back to normal weather and I won't need it.

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