Hubby and I stayed in #3201 Dlx Gardenview room from 5-12Nov11. Room rustic but comfy, kept clean, a/c worked just fine - no complaints. Mini Fridge was not stocked upon arrival per our Romance Rewards online request, but for the most part when we ordered afterwards, we got what we wanted. We really did not need the Rum anyways. By the tennis courts, we heard some road noise but certainly not like previous reviewers reported. Have an extra liqueur before retiring and you won't hear it!

We enjoyed our breakfasts every day; certainly plenty of variety to suit every taste bud. Enjoyed the tomat juice in the morning - it is kept by the smoothie bar area - if you don't see it, just ask as the wait staff is more than happy to accommodate your request.

Ate at Lychee twice; first night we enjoyed Pad Thai which was excellent - hot, flavorful; second time we ordered curry dishes and they were a bit disappointing - curry was served on the side but enjoyable nonetheless - wine service was exceptional.

Lychee was the venue for the Monday night returning guest dinner and it was very good although it did seem to last a bit longer than necessary. Testament to the resort, there were about 60 returning guests in attendance; conversation was difficult at times as the noise level was high-a good sign!

We ate at Otaheite one night and the atmosphere was very nice. I am not a fan of sitting beside my husband at meals - I get a crick in my neck-would rather be seated kitty corner or across from him for conversation- meal was very good and ditto for the service.

We ate at Cassava Terrace (breakfast buffet) one night; wait times were longer than expected due to a couple large wedding groups in attendance; lobster was overdone, but at least it was cooked!

Heliconia Grill in the evenings was very nice; we had two very enjoyable meals here and service was exemplary. We wanted to eat here on our last night, but there was a 15 table wait, so this is when we opted for the Cassava Terrace.

We usually had our lunch at Cassava Terrace as we enjoy the variety and soup options! Only ate at the Grill for lunch one day as we are not big on fried foods - service was prompt and we enjoyed our meal. Nice you can help yourself to sodas, tortilla chips and soups at any time.

Service at the beach was spotty but we did not mind going to the pool bar for drinks; it got us up off our arses! Service at the pool bar was awesome when the guys worked it. When the chicks were on shift, it was very poor, except for Ivylynn - she is such a hard worker and really enjoys her job - some of her peers could take a lesson from her as they deserved to be working in laundry or janitorial with their people skiills. I was surprised they would not fill our Bubba Kegs with our preferred drinks but I understand that Couples Mgmt does not really want them to... so we ordered drinks, poured them into our Bubbas and then returned the dirtied glasses to them immediately to clean... seems like such a waste partcularly when we are trying to be environmentally friendly.

Which bring me to my personal beef this trip.... Karen, the General Manager, advised us at the returning guest dinner that Couples Negril had removed the availability of bottled water as the Negril reycling plant either had closed or was due to close. They have set up water stations throughout the resort to take its place. Now, we visited Couples Swept Away one day rom 10am to 4pm (part of the Romance Rewards Trading Spaces option) and they service "wata" in bottles and have a separate garbage container for the plastic bottles for recycling. If it can be done there, why not at Couples Negril??? We like the convenience of bottled water and were very disappointed, particularly not being able to have bottled water in our room. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I want bottled water, not freaking cranberry juice! lol (princess syndrome)

For the first couple days of our stay the water was unusually rough - we enoyed the waves, don't get me wrong. Once the seaweed cleard, Bloody Bay returned to the glass-like sea we have become accustomed to.

Previous reviewers have commented on the beach vendors being annoying - I recanted the ditty "cigarettes, cigars, cigars, cigars, sunshades; cigarettes, cigars, cigars, sunshades, its gonna be hot-hot-hot, hot-hot-hot" many times! But they were harmless and took a 'no thank you' for what it was intended.

We never had a problem getting loungers with shade at the beach in the morning nor later in the afternoon at the pool. Love the floaties! Yes, some are getting worn, but what can you expect? Try not to think of all those sweaty bodies in the ocean, with lotion, then in the pool-no wonder they are looking spotty! Suck it up buttercups - at least there are floaties for use!

Cannot believe in November we never had a drop of rain during the day - absolutely perfect weather. We have travelled to Jamaica several times during November and never experienced such great weather-we were blessed for sure.

We did not get to the piano bar in the evening; in fact, after dinner and an after dinner liqueur at the main bar,we retired as we were 'done'! We booked the catatmaran cruise for one day but as I felt the seas were a bit rough for my comfort zone, we decided to pass on it. Thank goodness, as folks we met who went on it that afternoon said it was rough and in fact there were guests hanging off the back of the cat feeling ill - glad I decided to pass as that would not have been a good situation.

We met many great people and some duds... Couples Negril lends itself to being quite a social atmosphere; we like that most common areas were in the same area; when we visited Swept Away we felt it was spread out so as not to be socially inviting. I know CSA has a very loyal following and save for the beach, we preferred CN.

We have agreed after 22 holidays in Jamaica, Couples Negril ranks right up there! We are scheduled to return to Jamaica in April 2012 and Couples will definitely be on our radar for a resort.

Would be happy to answer any questions you might have....

denise & stu